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What does it mean to be Resilient?

Do you know what it means to be Resilient? A resilient person understands that they are the designer of their own joy and their own destiny. What does it mean to be resilient? Resilience is the ability to face the adversities of life, to transform chaos into a driving force to overcome and emerge stronger […]

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Selfish vs. Selfless: Understanding the Contrast

Selfish vs. Selfless: Understanding the Contrast Defining Selfishness and Selflessness At the core, selfishness and selflessness represent two distinct approaches to life and interactions with others. Let’s delve into their definitions: Selfish Behavior: Driven by self-interest and personal gain, selfish actions prioritize the individual’s needs and desires. Selfish individuals often focus on accumulating wealth, experiences, […]

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Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®

Why being tired is related to being grateful?

DO YOU KNOW WHY BEING TIRED IS RELATED WITH BEING HAPPY AND GRATEFUL? Some time ago, I shared the message below with Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®. After reading it, this was his answer:  “YES, as the years go by, I get more and more TIRED! And, I am very GRATEFUL for the TIREDNESS!” This […]

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All About PSYCH-K® – Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about PSYCH-K® ? Find answers below   WHY INTEGRATING PSYCH-K® IN YOUR LIFE IS A GOOD IDEA? In the words of Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K® – This is a friendly way to reprogram your mind’s software and change the outcome of your life” PSYCH-K® is a simple process with which […]

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Laura Couse, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her journey

I suffered severe circumstances between 2011-2014, I was left with horrible PTSD symptoms which I struggled with a lot.  Using the PSYCH-K® process with myself at several points through the following year or two helped me move through fear which enabled me to make right choices for myself, and then helped me release and transform […]

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Emma Garcia

Emma Soleil, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her story

I discovered PSYCH-K® through synchronicity when someone I love was having health complications. She had become familiar with Bruce Lipton’s work and because he works with PSYCH-K® she signed us up for a Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop. I agreed to join her in support, without knowing anything about the workshop – not even what it was […]

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Katherine Moyer, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, shares her story

MY JOURNEY WITH PSYCH-K®  – CERTIFIED PSYCH-K® INSTRUCTOR KATHERINE MOYER PSYCH-K® “magically” appeared in my life in 2002. After a childhood with seven divorces, twelvish schools, countless addresses, a few homeless opportunities in my late teens, more jobs than I could possibly count, a short marriage followed by a divorce of my own, as well […]

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Elma Rivera, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor shares her story

I am Elma Rivera, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor.  In the past, I have enjoyed my work in journalism and TV production, as well as my experience as a sustainable living product innovator and entrepreneur. Although I had these businesses, I also studied almost every possible personal growth and healing modalities that I could lay my hands […]

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E-motions make us INVINCIBLE

Have you ever heard someone say: “I would like the joy I feel today to go away right now!” No, right? On the other hand, we often hear people say, “If only this sadness would go away soon”, or “I wish I didn’t feel so much anger and pain!”  Throughout childhood we were taught to classify human emotions as […]

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The true purpose of the Human Experience – Transforming the Illusion of Separation Disorder

“We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.” Pierre Teilhard De Chardin   The part of us that we can call the Great Spirit, and that perhaps some people call Source / God / Spirit/ Higher-Self/ Inner CEO / Inner Voice / Intuition / Universe /etc., made the choice to come to this spectacular blue planet, to LIVE a human […]

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MISTRUST AND SKEPTICISM ARE LEARNED BEHAVIORS – Are they keeping you safe or are they keeping your life small and limited? Martha Vargas, Certified PSYCH-K®️ Instructor, shares some of her experiences with this process: Has it happened to you that when you hear other people sharing their experience about new methods of personal transformation, you […]

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Self Worth issues? The antidote is within you

An article by Giancarlo Merlo – Certified PSYCH-K®️ Instructor Historically, our self-worth and self-image have been dictated by our environment. Nowadays, the stimuli that condition the perception we have of ourselves are extremely powerful: advertising, media, what you see displayed in store windows, how other people look, speak and behave. Pause for a few moments and […]

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Anxiety – A contagious dis-ease for which we have the antidote!

Anxiety – a contagious disease!   If you listen around you, and particularly within yourself, you will hear or feel how anxiety has become a highly contagious dis-ease. We have become a characteristically anxious society.   The dictionary defines anxiety as a mental state in which great restlessness, intense excitement and extreme insecurity are observed. […]

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“Things don’t happen before or after, they happen at the right time.” Mother Nature has the Original Instructions on how we can evolve in harmony and permanently shows us multiple examples of the divine synchronicity with which life occurs: seeds germinate in the spring and mature as plants in the summer; then they create more […]

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December 2020

December 21, 2020 was the Winter Solstice, and you may have received information from a variety of sources, of why it is a very unique day in terms of its significance for human evolution due to a rare alignment of planets and moons that has not happened in thousands of years (if you have not […]

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