Being who you really are requires being and doing something different!

Being who you really are requires being and doing something different!

We all have comfort zones that we know well, where we feel safe and in control of what happens in our daily life. In these areas we know ourselves very well and we know how to act because we have created familiar, routine patterns of behavior that occur on “automatic pilot”. As a result, we stay in a job we are not passionate about, we accept the abusive behavior of a partner, we say yes to more than we should because we cannot set healthy limits, or we repeat unhealthy patterns of behavior even if we know they are toxic at many levels.

We establish daily routines and repeating patterns of behavior because they keep us in the safe and well-known territory and it is better to avoid risking doing something different (even if it at the same time this makes us feel unsatisfied, exhausted, and hopeless). Without realizing it, time goes by doing the exact same thing, day after day, and we have an unsettling feeling that something is not quite right, but we dare not explore it lest we discover that change is imminent and necessary.

Comfort zones are powerfully subtle, so we have been conditioned to perceive them as “normal” patterns of behavior and we generally cannot “see” them. In short, a comfort zone is, actually, a powerful excuse for not growing.

Sometimes, we become aware of being stuck in a comfort zone and we take the necessary actions to expand the limits that lead us to grow and evolve. Undoubtedly, these voluntary changes are important in our transformation journey and although they represent a challenge as we adapt to a new way of being, they give us some peace of mind because we are in control of what we choose to do.

However, when we are not seeing the subtlety of a comfort zone, what we call Universe / Higher Self / Inner Manager / Intuition, may present us with an unexpected challenge, which generates chaos and disorder and in which we are not in control of the situation. These situations are inconvenient and uncomfortable and come with a whirlwind of emotions: anger, confusion, frustration, bewilderment, sadness, hopelessness. All these emotions have a single source: the fear of not having control of what happens nor of the consequences.

About 6 months ago, in a matter of minutes my life changed radically, when an immigration officer told me that I could not enter the United States and that I had to return to my country to obtain another type of visa. As a result, the comfort zone that represented the life I was leading up to then, instantly disappeared. In minutes I saw how what I believed was under my control, crumbled in front of me and inside of me. I felt the floor practically disappear under my feet with an uncontrollable sensation of free fall. This chaos was accompanied by the corresponding human emotions: anger, frustration, helplessness, bewilderment, and hopelessness.

Thanks to the fact that from an early age I looked for ways of personal and spiritual growth and that 12 years ago I chose to integrate in my life a process of transformation and self-realization called PSYCH-K®, in situations like these I can get to a state of serenity and peace. As a result of using the process helps me comprehend and accept at the conscious and subconscious level that there is “a why” in what I am experiencing, that everything happens because it has a purpose that can take time to become clear, and that situations like these bring a message from that Higher Being that I call Great Spirit, in order to give a quantum leap to my evolution process. Additionally, I can see that this “apparent chaos” is a temporary bridge to a new level of harmony, where a huge portal opens to a series of blessings that I could not have ever imagined had I stayed in that comfort zone.

It would be arrogant of me not to admit that this great challenge has been the source of waves of immense sadness, infinite impatience, deep anger, and many moments of hopelessness, which have led me to feel powerless in the face of the fear that underlies each one of those emotions.

These emotional states have motivated me to ask what is the lesson behind the situation? What message does it have that invites me to explore what to do and what to be?

The “what to do” aspect of the question is related to the human actions necessary to find solutions, and thanks to my life experience, and to the blessing of choosing to use PSYCH-K® during the past 12 years, I have a better subconscious belief system that supports my ability to see solutions and to use my inner resources to take the corresponding actions.  

On the other hand, the “what to be” aspect is an invitation to have the courage to confront my fear, to discover a territory within me that perhaps I had not seen before, to give myself the time to see another version of me that needs to grow, and to revisit areas of my life that I thought I had already resolved and that I can now look at from another level of consciousness (such as the patterns of the need for control, the addiction to being busy and the perfectionism).

In a conversation with someone who knows me very well, I was reminded of this phrase by Albert Einstein: “Definition of Insanity: doing more of the same and expecting different results!” – He suggested this situation was a spiritual invitation to get out of a very narrow comfort zone, and that I should consider doing things that I don’t like to do. He invited me to question why I always eat what I eat for breakfast and what would happen if I were to make a different choice than the predictable pattern of that habit? He asked me how much time I was spending being connected to my cell phone and social networks and what would happen if I disconnected first for a few hours, for a day, and then maybe for three full days? What version of myself would I find if I chose to withdraw from my daily life to be completely alone for a few days? And, finally, he suggested that I sit down and talk with the fear of not being in control to discover how to transform another layer of this need and be freer to allow what needs to happen in Divine Timing (instead of the expectation of needing it to happen as I want, when I want, in my human timing).

As a result of this conversation, I am using the transformation processes of PSYCH-K® to have a subconscious foundation that helps accelerate the possibility of this different way of Being and then take the actions that activate the change at the level of my human experience.

I share this experience with you in case it is useful, and you dare ask yourself what you need to do to Be who you really are. Perhaps, this will help you choose to transform your comfort zones in a pro-active, compassionate, and loving way.

I am aware that there are many ways to change; yet consider that when you know how to invite the power of your subconscious mind to support the change process, you can discover your divine essence, remember your greatness and be the peace you seek. This is accomplished by choosing PSYCH-K® as a path of self-realization.

If this resonates in your soul, PSYCH-K® will be part of your path – if not, and you have a clear intention to transform your life, surely your inner wisdom will reveal the ideal path for you.

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