Martha Vargas – Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor – shares her story

My search for inner peace was sparked at a very young age, when my dad decided to end this human experience in what our culture would call suicide. Life had simply become too much for him. That was certainly an extremely traumatic experience for a 5-year-old girl, as well as my 34-year-old mom and 3-year-old sister.

At that age I believed I had done something very bad, which led to God having to take my father away – I had caused my father´s death! So, as a defense mechanism, in order to not hurt other people, I became an extremely shy and introverted girl. If someone had said back then that I would dedicate my life to public speaking and teaching workshops around the world to hundreds of people, I would have said they were completely crazy!

This event triggered my search for answers –I started a journey through many processes of personal and spiritual growth, which helped me understand that my dad’s choice was actually a deep “transformational life experience” rather than what culture labels as a “traumatic death event”. Now, I live from a space of deep peace and of gratitude with myself and with my dad because I know I chose this path ­­–– with that father and with this family –– as the way for discovering what self-realization truly means.

After many years of searching for inner peace, during which I read every self-help book I could find, attended various personal growth workshops, tried every alternative therapy that came my way, and created “a wonderful collection of shamans and gurus” as my mom says, in October 2009 a self-realization process called PSYCH-K® “found me”.

Choosing to integrate PSYCH-K® into my daily life, first as a Facilitator and later as one of the 35 Certified Instructors in the world, has helped me understand that in the realm of the subconscious mind, the information of everything we have experienced in life is recorded in the form of ideas, values, principles and attitudes as programming and conditioning known as our BELIEF system. These beliefs affect all areas of life as an autopilot of sorts, since our extremely powerful subconscious mind is in charge of at least 95% of what we do on our daily lives.

Without a doubt many of our subconscious beliefs are expansive and self-empowering, or we would not be able to do what we do in life on a daily basis. However, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD in cellular biology and author of the best-selling book “The Biology of Belief”, at least 70% of our beliefs are of a self-limiting nature. This is why, even if we have the intention to step on the accelerator to effect positive changes in our life, often we feel that at the same time we have another foot on a very powerful brake. Consequently, the repetitive subconscious limiting patterns keep us from living more satisfying and peaceful lives.

With PSYCH-K® I have a practical self-actualization tool that allows me to look at my limitations in a loving and honest way. I am now more able to listen to the limiting language I learned from culture and family and to identify the limiting patterns that show up in challenging situations that create stress and anxiety.

With PSYCH-K® I can easily access my subconscious mind in a very simple way, so that I can effectively transform the repetitive limiting patterns in order to BE a more authentic version of myself.

Applying PSYCH-K® in my daily life has been the bridge between feeling unhappy because of the perceived limitations of my humanness –– which originate on what is known as the Illusion of Separation Disorder ­–– and knowing that I am a spiritual being with the necessary power to be the designer of a more loving and satisfying human experience.

For me, PSYCH-K® is the most practical and effective tool for self-realization and to free my mind – it is a true process of what I call “applied spirituality” to help me be a more authentic version of myself.

My name is Martha Vargas and my purpose in life is to LIVE!

Live with intention to honor the gift of the Great Spirit, which is the possibility of being an active participant in the evolution of my beloved humanity.

I have been a Certified PSYCH-K®️ Instructor since June 2010 and since then, I have had the privilege of sharing with hundreds of people on this beautiful planet how to reprogram our subconscious mind and transform our limiting beliefs to live more fulfilling lives.

PSYCH-K® is ready for you if you are ready to be responsible for your own LIFE!