A year ago, I had a brain scan was done which measured brain waves and communication. At that time, it showed the severe trauma I had experienced as a child as well as an overall lack of communication between the hemispheres. It also showed how as a result of the trauma, I filtered everything I saw for safety. The effects of which was a hyper-vigilance that was quite uncomfortable along with the other scenarios that childhood trauma caused. At the time, I remember feeling quite hopeless. I felt what was the point, these grooves were in my brain and they must be permanent. What hope was there of changing that?

Just 2 months ago, I began to work with Laura and I could feel quite palpably the positive shifts in perception, limiting beliefs, experiences and my overall enjoyment of life. I had another brain scan done last week and what a delight. What I felt and sensed intuitively had come to pass. The grooves in my brain had changed and my hemispheric communication was at an optimal level. Not just better but optimal. I credit this immense change directly to Laura and her facilitation of Psych-K with me. Laura is the real deal. She is insightful as a facilitator. Her background as a Coach shows thru in her mastery of the process work. She has changed the trajectory of my life. I am happy, getting my physical body in shape and my life on track to do the work I came here to do. There are not sufficient words to express my gratitude for her skillset. And the icing on the cake is she is a pleasure to work with. I always feel safe and cared for.


I would just like you to know that after our sessions I went and had Bio-Feedback done and the Thyroid and Adrenal issues I had suffered from before were completely undetectable. I was told to keep doing what I was doing because it was working. I no longer take medications and feel amazing. Who knew that my emotions were so related to my illnesses?My husband has really come into his power and is doing so much better at work. It really benefited him to let go of his past and get on with his life. He has a whole new outlook on life, as do I. Thanks again for your insight, your wisdom and your grace.

Julie    Minnesota   

PSYCH-K Weighs in on the Weight Issue

I’m 61 and have been overweight for as long as I can remember.At several times I had spurts of successful dieting. About 5-6 years ago I weighed 225 and lost 67 pounds on my own with sensible eating and exercise. It was very exciting and I felt great. Then gradually and then, not so gradually, the weight was coming back until by Dec. ’09 I had gained back 40 of the 67 pounds.I kept feeling that I needed to “flip a switch” to get back to my successful weight loss days of a few years before.

For a birthday present I gave myself a PSYCH-K balancing session with a very experienced PSYCH-K practitioner (in fact the person who had introduced me to it). The issue was my weight and the belief statement we settled on after discussion was: “I give myself permission to BE what I want.” We successfully balanced for that and I felt great. I stopped gaining weight, but still was not losing it.

Finally in March – pretty disgusted by then – I worked with a friend and we decided on the statement: “ I take full responsibility for losing 40 pounds safely by August 15, 2010.” I started losing weight the next day. I have been eating properly and exercising pretty easily. I have weekly goals, which I have consistently reached, and I balance myself each week regarding taking responsibility for that week’s goal. Actually, I never have to do a balance but muscle test it just to be sure. I lost all 40 pounds by Sept 15th!. It is night and day. Hooray for PSYCH-K.

E.G.    Afton, VA,   

Making a Divine Connection

I am still full from the Workshop and all the events that happened since then.
I did some balances for the shop; great experiences and great outcomes! The atmosphere changed noticeably and we made good money at the end of this week. YEAH!!!!Moreover, I am still getting used to a big shift in my perception which already started taking place during the course and which seems to increase continuously. I feel that I am connected to everything and everyone. I have known these moments of feeling connected before, but I have never experienced it on such a profound level for such a long time!!!Conversations that used to be difficult, actions I hated, people I avoided; all this is now taking place in a kind of flow and the outcomes are fantastic. I am full of gratitude, joy, love, abundance, and peace. Wherever I go I see the creations of God, not like a concept, but like a real experience.

What a blessing.

D. S.    Rome, Italy   

More Than I Expected

I want to thank you. I hoped to learn something good and useful; it turned out to be something unbelievably beautiful and special.

A.M.    Cesano Maderno, Italy   

Loving It More and More

The more I do this work, the more I love it, if that’s possible.Recent success over the phone from abroad: call from panicked young man in the UK, at 4 AM his time, unable to sleep, stressing about his inadequacies as a top level manager. Got an email the next day: “Thanks, Katy, I think it worked! I think I fell asleep on the phone,” — he was doing a New Direction Balance — “but woke up knowing what I need to do and how to do it!”I had guessed the sleep bit (the long silence was a clue), and metaphorically tip-toed away.

K.W.    San Francisco, California   

God blesses you for returning my wife’s smile.

A short note to tell you another beautiful experience of the past few days: my cousin has not been able to find a job for about two years. We did a balance from Advanced PSYCH-K. She called me three days later, very excited to let me know she was interviewed and immediately hired in a store which sells clothes from India!!! (Which she likes very much.) She is very very very happy and impressed with how this worked out, not to say how happy and impressed I am!!!!I have been working with other people, most of them seeing results; some more subtle, some very evident. Yesterday, I did some work with my friend’s mother. After we finished, her husband said, “God blesses you for returning my wife’s smile.” So beautiful!

M.V.    Cali, Colombia   

An Amazing Experience With Exams

I have had an amazing experience. I had a challenging couple of years before I found and embraced PSYCK-K. Recently I had my final exams for my BA. I was not looking forward, as I had challenges sleeping, and thus missed out on routine study. I contemplated giving up. Then I decided to balance the conflict; “I can.” Following that balance I balanced to “remember, recall, and rewrite all I have learnt on the subjects for my BA exams.” I then took off to Costa del Sol for seven days of sun and study. Returned. Entered the exam room with confidence. And the rest is fabulous. I remembered, recalled and rewrote, for six hours of perfect exams. I was so excited, it was magic.

H.S.    County Tipperary, Ireland   

PSYCH-K Works Money Wonders

Your PSYCH-K works wonders. I am now very wealthy. My money can’t get finished no matter how I use or abuse it.

E.M.    Tzaneen, South Africa   

The lab results came back NORMAL. PSYCH-K works again!

I had a biopsy done in April which came back positive for abnormal cells. The doctor told me to make an appointment to remove the abnormal cells. I made the appointment, and when I got home decided to cancel and try PSYCH-K. The doctor wanted to retest me in 4 months and was prepared to do the cryofreeze procedure when the lab results came back abnormal.
The lab results came back NORMAL. PSYCH-K works again!

C.N.    Woodstock, Connecticut   

Three Balances and I Get A New Life

I started using PSYCH-K with my counseling clients as soon as I finished my Workshop. One man in his early 30s had many issues. He hated his job and was about to quit, having a pattern of changing jobs quite often. He had not had a relationship since his last break-up 4 years ago. He was an athlete, but had muscle spasms in his back which kept him from moving, and that week he had spent a lot of money on physical therapy just to be able to function.We did 3 balances that session, on his work, relationship, and health. The next week he came in quite amazed. He had a wonderful new girl-friend, he had gotten a raise and loved his job, and he had no further back problem and had bested his running times twice.

C. H.    Tucson, Arizona   

Today I Shot the Best Golf Score of the Year

Last night I did a couple of balances for my golf game. Today I shot my best score of the year, 2 under par, and the crazy thing is I lipped out 3 birdie putts and “burned the edge” on 2 more and barely missed another 4 putts. I could have (if those near misses fell in) had the course record by 5 shots. That’s unheard of.

K. L.    Victoria, British Columbia   

PSYCH-K Really Has Saved My Life

I have had a really tough year and would like to tell you that PSYCH-K really has saved my life. I just do trauma balances every time my emotions tend to overwhelm me. THANK YOU!!!!

P.P.    Cape Town, South Africa   

Keynote Speech Goes Great

I was a keynote speaker at a recent event. I am usually a little nervous and can tell that I’m uncomfortable in that situation, especially if I haven’t prepared as much as I’d like. The event came up fast and I ran out of time to do any kind of speech writing or thorough prep. The morning of, I did a couple balances to stay calm and confident in a public speaking situation.
The presentation went GREAT. It was really neat to consciously observe the difference even as it was happening during the speech! This one was fast, easy, highly effective, and I saw immediate results…VERY COOL!!

D. L.    Green Bay, Wisconsin   

PSYCH-K With Clients

I’d like to tell you how useful PSYCH-K has been to my clients and how often I send thanks to you for teaching it to me.

Dr. M.    Miami, Florida   

Sleep Well, Learn Well

I’ve been doing some balances and finally solved my poor sleeping habits, which had been going on for too many years to remember. The final key was the balance about forgiving my Mom for leaving; there was a most definite release in my body. I can also eat bell peppers now again, something I hadn’t been able to do for about 25 years.There have been so many little stories as well. Did some balances with a colleague at work, who was convinced it took her ages to learn anything. That afternoon, she came to me, can I go on this course/can I go on that course, in a very excited manner. I just burst out laughing and asked where was the lady who couldn’t learn anything.

Thank you so much for your great teaching in passing on the advanced balances. This was definitely just the beginning of a wonderful new existence.

M.S. Stratford-Upon-Avon    U.K.