Why being tired is related to being grateful?


Some time ago, I shared the message below with Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®.

After reading it, this was his answer:  “YES, as the years go by, I get more and more TIRED! And, I am very GRATEFUL for the TIREDNESS!”

This message has the intention of expressing our gratitude for all those moments that have lead us to the point of being tired, so we become aware it is time to choose a different way of being and a better way of living.

We invite you to read this short story below, and if you discover that you also are TIRED and ready to make a new choice, PSYCH-K® is an excellent way to recognize our Divinity, discover our Greatness, and become the Peace we seek.

You’ll be happy when you get tired…

Beautiful and enriching tale by Myriam Aram

“When will I ever be happy?,” asked a person to the oldest and wisest woman in the village

WHEN YOU GET TIRED – She responded

The old lady just smiled with sympathy and said:

When you get tired of worrying about tomorrow.

When you get tired of comparing yourself to others.

When you get tired of remembering what happened, what went away from your life and what could have been.

When you get tired of wanting to be different, and stop focusing on what you lack.

When you get tired of resisting, battling with yourself and start to follow the wishes of your soul to stop feeling angry, guilty and ashamed.

Like a seed opens up across the earth, the moment you get tired, an unwavering choice will rise within you: a choice to be happy.

Just as the Seed chooses life.

Infinite gratitude

May you recognize your Divinity,

discover your Greatness, and

become the Peace you seek.