Giancarlo Merlo, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, shares his story

My name is Giancarlo Merlo, I was born in northern Italy where I still live with my family

PSYCH-K® found me in the worst moment of my life. It was 2008 and for over 5 years, I had been living in huge stress that was affecting me mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I kept looking for a way to eliminate the worries that were torturing me constantly and that were associated with my chronic insecurity even if I was a successful physical therapist and had an extraordinary wife and a wonderful son.

The need to get better was extreme and I had already tried everything to fix my problems with poor results. Something in me said “It is not possible that my life will end so badly ” and at some point, finally my search led me to read Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief”. When I read the word PSYCH-K® at the end of the book, a very strong light of hope came on.

I followed this clear “call” and in few weeks, I attended the in person Basic Workshop.

Immediately I knew I had found what I was looking for. Within a few days I began to feel better and more and more I realized how much potential for change I had. Within a few days of using the PSYCH-K® processes of change, I finally was able to sleep all night long, abandoning the nightmares related to my worries that had been chasing me for months. Then, some of the physical issues related to stress gradually disappeared and many of the hammering thoughts that constantly accompanied me started to dissipate. I also begun to use PSYCH-K®, with my family and with the patients in my office getting beautiful and consistent results.

Within a few months, I felt an unequivocal mission: I had to teach PSYCH-K® and help as many people as possible to  learn and use this extraordinary tool. A year later, in March 2010, I became a Certified Instructor, beginning a new career path that I have followed for some years alongside my work as a physical therapist.

This journey has been a constant and progressive process of discovery and change that has given me enormous benefits and a lot of awareness:

I have understood and experienced very well on my own skin how PSYCH-K® is a very effective self-help tool that simultaneously traces and paves the way to achieve self-realization.

I have often understood where many of my behaviors and difficulties came from. Above all, I have eliminated and transformed them for the better.

I have verified that anyone can activate powerful improvements not only with ease but also with lightness: a real balm for the learned belief that change is necessarily hard or painful!

I have pacified the great guilt that came from the religious learnings I received and the guilt of not being sufficiently prepared both professionally or scientifically. I realized how much science and religion are the two sides of the same coin. I now have a curiosity for experiencing the world which feeds me every day.

My research and change path have shifted to the pursuit of simplicity and enjoyment of life in all its aspects.

In a single sentence, PSYCH-K®, unlike anything else, has helped me in a very simple and effective way to give deep meaning to my life and to help others, in harmony with Mother Nature.