Duccio Locati, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor shares his story

I was born into the best family I could have wished for: fantastic open-minded parents (even in making me see my weaknesses, which I have come to appreciate as an adult), who never imposed any decisions on me, but taught me responsibility in my choices. I also have a brother and a sister that I love very much!

So I have never lacked anything, and I can only be deeply grateful to life for all this.

There was only one small detail: I was born angry. If I look at my photos as a child, teenager, and young man, almost all of them show me sulking.

Anger was almost an addiction for me. Being angry gave me the illusion of affecting others, and it was a way to make people who hurt me pay. Not a great strategy for a happy life! I didn’t realize that being angry at someone is like drinking poison while waiting for the other person to die.

My other Achilles heel, which impacted every area of my life, was my total lack of self-esteem. This is why I am convinced that I “chose” a perfectionist, critical, and very demanding mother: a great master in exposing my weaknesses so that I could not ignore them.

One of the reasons I decided to become an osteopath was my lack of self-esteem. Thanks to PSYCH-K®, I discovered that I chose this profession also because of my insatiable need to exist, feel useful, and have validation from the outside that I was a good guy. Out of the ten patients I saw every day, if nine told me how good I was and that I had “cured” them (which gave me the illusion that I was worthy of existing), and one told me that nothing had changed or that he was worse off, all of my attention and lack of self-esteem would focus on the one dissatisfied patient, and I would enter a sort of lack-of-self-esteem depression. Simply put, I needed constant external validation to have the illusion of being happy and satisfied.

If, on the one hand, anger and lack of self-esteem have been my characteristics, on the other hand, I have always had a great attraction towards the spiritual world (very different from the religious one to which I have never approached classically and dogmatically).

This connection with the spirit made me make the right decisions in the most critical moments of my life. Decisions that were not logical but that I knew 100% were the best for my path.

To understand and expand my relationship with spirit, I tried many approaches and read many books that dealt with this topic. These activities gave me a momentary sense of well-being and satisfaction, but none was the right one to help me reconnect with my spirit in a concrete, lasting and practical way.

My soul has always tried to help me communicate with it, and, given the less than brilliant results, it pushed me to participate in a two-year course in Biological Medicine that was the bridge to PSYCH-K® and to a deeper connection with my spirit! 

In this training I learned to see what we call “disease” in a completely different way: no longer something bad to be destroyed, but an intelligent program of nature that helps us manage the often traumatic and unexpected events of life.

After the training, I knew perfectly every connection between a specific event, the activated brain area, and the target organ (psyche-brain-organ). My Ego was delighted; I could explain to everyone the reason for their so-called “disease,” seen from a different point of view. However, when people asked me, “what can I do to solve it?” I didn’t know what to answer. Thus came my first contact with PSYCH-K®: through Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Beliefs” given to me by a doctor trained with me in Biological Medicine.

After reading about Dr. Bruce Lipton’s experience with PSYCH-K®, I knew it was the tool I needed to help others. After taking the Basic and Advanced Workshops, I realized that the first person who desperately needed PSYCH-K® was me. Then maybe I could help others.

For me, there is my pre-PSYCH-K® life and my post-PSYCH-K® life. To finally have a tool that allowed me (and still allows me) to transform all of my limitations and achieve my goals with no more excuses is priceless.

If I had to list what I have transformed with PSYCH-K®, a book as long as “A Course in Miracles” would not be enough. There is no area of my life that I have not transformed through the deep connection with myself that PSYCH-K® has helped me establish and put into practice.

For me, PSYCH-K® is applied spirituality. It allows me to access my soul with my conscious mind, receive the information I need to solve a situation or achieve a goal and then install this information on a subconscious level, creating, in effect, a perfect alignment between my conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, for the highest good of miself, my family and society.

I particularly love Rob Williams’ saying, “May you recognize your Divinity, discover your Greatness, and become the Peace you seek” because it precisely reflects my needs: the great desire I’ve always had to connect profoundly and directly with my spirit, which is now my best friend and advisor; discovering my mission, which is to be able to serve those who, like me, feel that there is more to life than “stuff”; and finally becoming the peace I’ve always sought, which is the ultimate solution to the anger that has characterized me for most of my life.

I believe that by putting into practice these three principles (May you recognize your Divinity, discover your Greatness, and become the Peace you seek), the attainment of all that we need for a full and satisfying life is not only possible but within reach of all who are willing to walk this path. Because with PSYCH-K®, we always get what we need, which is sometimes what we want and sometimes not.

Duccio Locati
Osteopath D.O. 
Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor