E-motions make us INVINCIBLE

Have you ever heard someone say: “I would like the joy I feel today to go away right now!” No, right? On the other hand, we often hear people say, “If only this sadness would go away soon”, or “I wish I didn’t feel so much anger and pain!” 

Throughout childhood we were taught to classify human emotions as good or bad, to welcome what feels good and to avoid what feels bad. As we grow up, we ​​receive time and again the conditioning or programming of what the culture believes about human emotions, and in particular, the limiting beliefs associated with them.

In the journey of this human experience, the situations that bring the greatest lessons are usually the difficult and painful ones. We grew up in a culture that thrives on drama and trauma, in which it is common, and almost expected, to go through many difficulties and challenges, as the necessary path to be able to be rewarded somehow in the afterlife.  Hence, we learned to focus our attention for a long time on the difficult events and to have almost a toxic need to overanalyze them in the intention of understanding “why” such horrible things happen to us.  We also have a need to share these events over and over with other people seeking comfort and empathy  ––and every time we have the opportunity to tell the story again, we will include more dramatic details – right?. We love to revisit these experiences and have become addicted to feeling the associated pain, sadness, confusion, restlessness, anger, anxiety, desolation, etc.  This is the foundation of what is called the Illusion of Separation Disorder (more about this subject later on)

Another limiting program regarding the emotions that we call “negative” is that as a result of traumatic childhood experiences (due to abandonment, absence of loving parents, verbal violence, physical abuse, etc.) we gradually lose trust in the people around us and we become “apparently” independent, strong, perfectionists and over controlling. As a survival or coping mechanism we learn that it is best not to allow ourselves to feel too much for someone in order to prevent someone else from failing us again. We stop being emotionally available and we cover it with the facade of the strong, independent person, who can deal with everything life presents, and more. In this way we avoid pain from coming in. But in the same breath, love cannot enter either.

Many of us also learned from family that it is essential to be strong all the time, that we have to be able to handle everything on our own and that asking for help and showing “negative” emotions is for weak people (Have you seen the movie Encanto? Highly recommended to better understand this idea). In order to deal with the many challenges and difficulties that life throws at us, we wear a strong armor in order to “not feel” the pain and to cover up what is happening within us, so others do not notice.  We proudly wear the badge of “strong, independent warriors”, wearing our cloak, sword and breastplate, that combined with the super power of handling a thousand things at a time. In this way we can keep up with our programmed need to meet the expectations we think others have of us, of being able to handle everything and to smile while at it, despite the pain we feel inside. No wonder we feel so tired all the time – Soooo exhausting!

The cloak, the sword, the breastplate are for those who are at war or for those who expect war to start at any moment. For those who live in the ongoing “struggle”!

Have you heard the expression “he showed his true colors” when someone expresses their emotions openly? Does this mean the rest of the time we are fake? We learned from family and culture that human emotions and sensations are the gateway to the path of evil, that they take us away from our intention of becoming more “spiritual”. These messages have led us to believe that being “human” is something that must be rectified, that the human emotions are a source of evil or weakness. Thus, we grow up afraid of our human experience, which is why emotions such as anger, frustration, bewilderment, confusion, guilt or sadness, must be contained or denied because they are the evidence of human weakness. Associated to this concept, we also learned to fear everything related to the sensuality and the pleasure originated in the senses of the human body.

Now then, quoting philosopher Pierre Teilhard De Chardin who says that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, this means that  the Great Spirit / Universe / Source / God / Energy / Unity, creates and chooses this human experience to expand. Why then, would it create emotions, feelings or sensations that are to be denied, repressed, or contained? Is it perhaps that these human feelings, sensations, and emotions are a path, an invitation of sorts, to help us grow, evolve and expand?

Let´s consider what would happen in life if:

  • We could regain trust in others and remember that it is our natural right to be loved, that we have value for existing, that we are worthy of everything beautiful and good in life?
  • We found a way to transform the fear learned in childhood and could look at life with eyes of peace?
  • We managed to transform mistrust so that we can feel comfortable with all our emotions and not have to hide them or appear to be always okay?
  • We could believe that we deserve someone to love us, that we deserve joy and sweetness in our life, that it is our birth right to love and be loved?
  • We managed to change our perception of painful / traumatic events and situations to detach ourselves from the past and stop poisoning ourselves with guilt, shame and resentment.
  • We could allow others to support us?
  • We could learn from our “negative” emotions as well as from the positive ones?

Rob Williams, originator of the self-realization process called PSYCH-K®, says that emotions make us invincible, because they set us in motion (e-motion), driving us to question our attitudes and behaviors. Emotions make us evaluate our human experience with more loving compassion, so we can find the way back to remember our inner power and our divine essence.

By changing the limiting perception learned from culture, regarding the challenges that life has presented us, we can find the lessons and messages they bring, so that we become more compassionate, resilient, and grateful. In other words, the lessons learned and integrated from the emotions of difficult and painful situations make us better human beings. And this is how we can lift the veil to realize that the difficult events and the emotions associated with them, were indeed the messengers for unexpected blessings and gifts.

If we could look at ALL emotions as a source of growth –– both “negative” and “positive” emotions –– we could discover that we can learn as much from experiences that bring pain and confusion as from experiences that bring happiness, joy, and well-being. This helps us in the intention of transforming the old patterns of behavior in order to evolve and align ourselves with the daily choices that bring us closer to a better version of ourselves. Choices based on love, compassion, kindness instead of the fear of not meeting culture´s expectations.

We invite you to these reflections as part of our mission to help solve the Illusion of Separation Disorder, so that together we can create heaven on Earth – We can choose to continue living as we learned from culture and family, with the limiting subconscious foundation that promotes drama and separation, or we can find a way to transform limiting beliefs and conditioning at the subconscious level of mind to make a daily choice to LIVE better and to honor the Great Spirit’s choice to give us this LIFE.

There are indeed a variety of ways to find out how to LIVE better – our proposal is based on the process called PSYCH-K®, which aims to give you a practical tool that allows you to access your subconscious mind and give it new information based on your loving choice to be the best human being you can be. PSYCH-K® is a spiritual process of self-realization.

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