Carli Saber, shares her journey from stressed teacher to supportive PSYCH-K® Facilitator

As I held onto the steering wheel on my way to work, I could feel the anxiety surfacing (despite the two hours of yoga and deep breathing I had done half an hour before).

This was my experience, heading to school every day as a teacher before doing my basic PSYCH-K®  Basic course. I had a class overrun with children with learning difficulties, special needs and tricky behaviour, and while I wanted to give them full support, trying to navigate over 30 children in one hectic classroom meant that I had become a militant leader.

And instead of supporting confidence and independence in children (which is why I become a teacher in the first place), I spent my days micromanaging them at every second.

This changed after the basic PSYCH-K®  workshop. I realized my subconscious money fears and lack of confidence were holding me back from quitting my job. Four days after the course, I resigned. That was four years ago, and I have never stepped foot into the classroom again.

I now use PSYCH-K®   and my background in Montessori education to help parents release the “shoulds”, ditch the micromanaging behaviours, and understand their child’s developmental needs, so you can consciously and calmly guide them through every age & stage, without the overwhelm or self-doubt.

It can be overwhelming when you have a child with anxiety, low self esteem or facing learning difficulties. This can be even more stressful if they have been diagnosed, or you have tried the mainstream path with psychologists and GPs but haven’t seen any shifts.

What I observed was missing was a deeper understanding of the child, as well as our own subconscious block or triggers as a parent. My passion is to support parents, children and educators to reach their full potential by removing both physical and emotional blockages in their path.

When working with children, especially in the mainstream system, we are so worried about marks, good grades and making sure our child isn’t ‘falling behind’ that we put a lot more emphasis on this then their actual happiness. Of course, most parents just want their child to be happy, but how many are actually practicing this and psychologically modelling this to their child on a daily basis?

So, here is a a friendly reminder that confidence, self esteem and manifestation can magically transform your life and your child’s. This is what we should be supporting and preaching to our children, letting go of our own projections and holding the utmost conviction that they will THRIVE in life.

Get in touch if you have any questions about doing PSYCH-K®   with your child.

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