PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1

The Online Level 1 workshop is for people who choose to use PSYCH-K® PRIMARILY for their own personal transformation, and prefer an Online environment, or cannot travel to an In-Person Workshop.

In these cases, the PSYCH-K® Online Level 1 Workshop is the ideal way to start learning PSYCH-K®.

At the PSYCH-K®  Online Level 1 workshop you will learn how to do PSYCH-K® with yourself, using several different self-Muscle Testing techniques, as well as how to integrate this process in your daily life, in order to reprogram your own subconscious beliefs.

Muscle Testing is a key feature of PSYCH-K®, and is the direct communication link we use to connect with the subconscious mind. It is a part of all our workshops, Online and In-Person. However, in our Online workshops we can only teach you how to use Self-Muscle Testing.

Learning how to successfully muscle test others is a very different skill, and requires an In-Person, interactive environment to learn it properly.

If you want to learn how to do PSYCH-K®️ in-person with others, the In-Person PSYCH-K®️ Basic Workshop, is the one for you.

In the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 you will learn

  • The science behind PSYCH-K® explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker.
  • The differences between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and the role of each in changing limiting beliefs.
  • How to create a powerful collaboration between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, in order to transform limiting beliefs and achieve your desired goals in life.
  • You will learn a PSYCH-K® Balance process for changing subconscious beliefs.
  • How to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where at least 95% of your thoughts and actions originate – using a variety of Self-Muscle Testing options.
  • Learn to create well-formed, and compelling Goal Statements to enhance any area of your life.
  • How to transform the perception of a stressful or traumatic event from the past that limits the full expression of your life in the present.
  • How to use PSYCH-K® in your daily life following 4 simple steps to help resolve problems and stressors in your daily life.
  • How to utilize the Wisdom of Mother Nature in every area of your life, by integrating eleven key Principles of Nature that you will learn in the workshop.
  • After the workshop, your Instructor will share how to expand the possiblities of serving yourself and all of humanity by using several different protocols (GAIA, Creating a New Reality, and Greater Personal Self Protocols)
  • A very important advantage of the Online Workshop is the convenience of being in your own home, as well as avoiding the expense of travel, food and accommodations.

The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 is a three-day workshop taught on Zoom by Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors worldwide. You will connect each day for a period of 6 hours with several short breaks and a longer meal break.

This workshop is available in many of the most popular languages in the world (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish), in the time zones that suit you best! Click here to see all available PSYCH-K® Workshop and search for the Online Level 1 Workshop!

Here’s how you can benefit from attending this workshop…

Tap into the Wisdom of Nature to create sustainable joy and happiness in your life.

Resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness.

Release subconscious resistance to experiencing
your connection with Divinity.

Discover beliefs that can help you to deeply appreciate and accept yourself.

Create beliefs that support you in having healthy, loving relationships.

Replace old attitudes about money and change self-limiting beliefs about financial prosperity.

Reduce “emotional stress” and program your body /mind for optimal health and vitality.

Increase your self-confidence and willingness to take positive and decisive action in your life.

In addition, after completing the PSYCH-K® Online Level 1 Workshop, you will be eligible to take the PSYCH-K® Online Level 2 Workshop, where you will learn how to Facilitate long distance video or phone sessions with those who are ready to make some important positive changes in their lives!

Please take the following into consideration when choosing how to start your journey with PSYCH-K®:
The PSYCH-K® BASIC In-Person Workshop is the prerequisite for ALL the PSYCH-K® In-Person workshops: the Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Workshop, and the Divine Integration Retreat. There are descriptions of each of these workshops can be found here

Because you will be able to learn how to Muscle Test others, as well as yourself, you will be eligible to take any or all the additional In-Person workshops. Your skills will allow you to do PSYCH-K® with yourself and others in-person, to support family, friends or clients in bettering their lives.

VERY IMPORTANT: These workshops are NOT offered Online – Due to their interactive content, they are ALL taught only In-Person. They are not transferable to an Online environment.

What if you want to take both the In-Person and the Online Workshops?
You are free to take either or both of the training paths. However, if you begin with the Basic In-Person training path, and then decide to crossover to the Online path, you must start with the Online Level 1 Workshop.

If you begin with the Online Level 1 Workshop and then decide to crossover to the In-Person training path, you must start with the In-Person Basic Workshop.

These are the only crossover options, and many of our PSYCH-K® Certified Instructors offer a reduced “transition” fee from one path to the other.

Requirements to attend the Online Level 1 workshop:

  • Access to a printer to print the material before the Workshop starts.
  • A very good and stable internet connection for the duration of the Workshop.
  • good laptop, computer or tablet so that you can download the Zoom app (it is not possible to participate using your mobile phone).
  • Headphones
  • A space for taking notes
  • Water and Tissues
  • A quiet space, where you will not be interrupted by other people at home or by pets – silence around your environment will also be important in order to avoid disturbing other participants during the workshop
  • Commitment to attend the workshop in its entirety, during 3 days, for 6 hours each day. No exceptions allowed. (there will NOT be recordings available for the workshop)