Ana María Rodríguez, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her story

My name is Ana María Rodríguez Montero. I live in Costa Rica, and I wish to express my deepest gratitude toward life, Divinity, God, PSYCH-K® as a life tool, and Rob Williams. The changes that have happened from the moment I received this information have been extremely impressive. I started in October 2014 with the Basic and then continued in March 2015 with the Advanced Workshop and the Divine Integration Retreat — the process is so simple, easy, fun, and effective! Since then, I have attended all the workshops several times.

I had never heard the word PSYCH-K®; in fact, I didn’t really know what to expect the day I started the Basic workshop. I only knew I didn’t want more of the same [things in my life.] In the search to feel better about myself, and to find how to feel peace, serenity, happiness, and freedom, I experienced some truly painful experiences. Today, I understand that they served as great learning experiences to become who I am today.

PSYCH-K® allowed me to understand that we each go through life experiences according to the capabilities we have. PSYCH-K® is a spiritual ceremony of light and respect. For me, every Facilitator and Instructor is a guardian of a sacred knowledge, transmitted with love and light, which I feel in my heart. I received sacred information through this process and this is how I CURED MYSELF; I become my own guru, recovered my personal power, and now I feel so happy!

In PSYCH-K®, the best gift I found was respect for my Superconscious and for myself. This respect for establishing “if it is safe and appropriate” to change something and then if all parts of the system are ready, willing, and able so that the subconscious mind can commit to the change; I simply loved it!

I told myself: Nobody can impose anything on me that I am not prepared to live — so beautiful, so full of love and light! The best gift from the universe to me.

PSYCH-K® as a life tool, coupled with my superconscious mind, and with the people who have been with me on this path, helped me regain my respect, trust, security, and plenitude for life.

The gift of reconnecting with my Divinity, to be reacquainted with true self, has allowed me to sleep serenely and peacefully every night with the certainty that I am fine and that no one has power over me, because I am a divine spark.