Carrie Zivetz, PSYCH-K® Facilitator shares her journey


I started out pursuing a career as an actor, motivated by inner beliefs that I was unlovable and unworthy. In the way that we often do, I had some notion that when I was successful as an actor then I would be worthy of love. The problem, of course, was twofold: my subconscious beliefs were at odds with my desires coupled with the fact that in order to be successful as an actor, producers and directors need to ‘love’ you – they need to believe in you. While I was trained and talented, I didn’t love or believe in myself at a deep subconscious level, so why would they?

I didn’t know at the time how powerful we really are to create our own reality. I didn’t know that the subconscious is virtually ‘running the show’ and that what we believe at a subconscious level is what is showing up in our lives. What I did know is that life for me seemed to be filled with struggle and disappointment. Starting from when I was very young, I have lived and traveled all over the world but this juncture was the beginning of the most important journey of my life – this was the beginning of my journey inward.

I began reading books about human transformation and evolution. I took workshops in personal development, seeking answers to how and why our lives are as they are. Eventually, I moved from acting to teaching acting. This was when my seeking crossed paths with my life purpose. Actors must be able to tell the truth at the deepest level. I incorporated every tool I’d ever learned and some I made up and designed a course for actors to learn how to access the full range of their emotional instruments in order to be able to act from a soul-level, emotional truth.

As with many of the workshops I’d attended, profound realizations were made in my classes and powerful work was done. But somehow, we kept coming up against long-held, limiting subconscious beliefs. As much as an actor wanted to be able to cry at will, an old belief that “Big Boys Don’t Cry” was preventing him. Much as an actress wanted to express anger in a specific scene, the belief that “Nice Girls Don’t” got in the way. We discussed and explored these limitations, recognizing similar patterns and familiar obstacles in our lives that seemed, at a conscious level, insurmountable.

There is a saying that you teach what you need to learn. My deepest desire was always for wisdom and I was so passionate about finding answers for my acting students, that the answer landed in my lap – in the form of The Biology of Belief and Dr Lipton’s recommendation of something called PSYCH-K®. I took the Basic Workshop in 2007 and the Advanced Workshop in 2008. In 2009 I completed a certification as a Life Coach and began seeing clients. My life purpose and my life focus have always been supporting others to manifest the highest expression of themselves. Now, I had a cutting-edge tool, that was scientifically acknowledged, spiritually based and actually resulted in the fundamental changes I’d been seeking.

Integrity has always been my highest value and it was therefore important to me that what I taught my actors, I was also able to do myself. I set the same standard for doing Life Coaching. I have access to the full range of my emotional instrument and this sometimes informs my work with clients. When I realize a client’s limiting beliefs may reflect my own, I celebrate the opportunity to use PSYCH-K® to support their evolution as well as using it with myself.

I am in my 69th year. I carry inside me now a deep sense of well-being and self-love. Life continues to present challenges but I respond to life now rather than react. When I was a young woman, I sought answers outside myself. Now I appreciate that everything I need to know is already inside of me so that when I am working with clients, I often receive intuitive guidance which supports our conversation. I welcome every challenge as an opportunity to grow. I embrace life as an extraordinary journey filled with wonder and possibilities.

I’ve been a PSYCH-K Facilitator for 15 years and in that time I’ve had the privilege of working with clients locally, in Los Angeles, nationally, around the US, and internationally, around the world. Each and every client teaches me and stretches me. Each session offers up a cornucopia of challenges and opportunities for growth. I have witnessed what I can only call miraculous transformation in my clients as well as simple, yet profound shifts in the lives they go on to manifest. And their joyous gratitude echos my own. When I behold the emerging magnificence in a client, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for having PSYCH-K® as a wonderful tool to use with others and to use with myself.

Carrie Zivetz  BA, BCC, CRC
Life Guidance Consulting

Using 21st  Century Transformational Techniques