Anxiety – A contagious dis-ease for which we have the antidote!

Anxiety – a contagious disease!
If you listen around you, and particularly within yourself, you will hear or feel how anxiety has become a highly contagious dis-ease. We have become a characteristically anxious society.
The dictionary defines anxiety as a mental state in which great restlessness, intense excitement and extreme insecurity are observed. Does it happen to you that when you feel anxious, your breathing gets heavy, your heart rate increases and you sweat excessively? Or maybe, you find it difficult to focus on anything other than the cause of your anxiety? Do you have long nights when it is difficult for you to fall asleep because it is not possible to stop obsessive thoughts on a topic?
In my personal experience, I have observed that this human condition that I call “controlitis” is the mother of my moments of anxiety. Controlitis, in turn, is the daughter of Fear, originated in the uncertainty of not having clarity about how things will turn out in the future and the consequent feeling of helplessness based on not being able to control things to happen as I want, when I want. Does it sound familiar to you?
This powerful triad of fear, control and anxiety generates a pressing need to manipulate events in life, and we become obsessed with wanting to know when, where, with whom or how a certain outcome will occur. However, in life we ​​are presented with challenges in which, although we might attempt to manipulate said circumstances, uncertainty consumes us, and the consequential anxiety amplifies the insecurities with which we were programmed from childhood. As an example, the fear of not being enough, the fear of being rejected by family, friends or work collaborators, the anguish due to not having the necessary skills to face challenges in a controlled, effective and satisfactory manner. We learned from the culture that this is the “normal” way of living and we create a kind of emotional addiction in which we need the daily dose of worry and stress that life’s challenges cause us. And that addiction leads us to create a constant circle of difficulties to feed anxiety.  And we also “infect” others with this dis-ease by constantly transmitting messages associated with anxiety and fear on a daily basis (verbally and / or via social media).
For years, that was my reality. Emotionally addicted to creating a series of situations that generated the necessary dose to feed the state of fear, anxiety and deep stress until I found an antidote. An easy, simple and effective way to recognize that this addiction to anxiety was based on limiting programs I had at the the subconscious level of the mind which generated the need to control everything.
The antidote is a process called PSYCH-K® with which we can reprogram the system and understand that it is possible to experience life with more peace, with more joy and serenity.
With PSYCH-K®, we easily, quickly and effectively access the subconscious mind to give it new information, and in addition, we find guidance in the Principles of the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature,  to support us in aligning our lives.
For example, how do you think your life would change if you could: 
• Change your perception of uncertainty and chaos and see them as a bridge to harmony. (Principle of Nature: Harmony)
• Accept that doing more is not always better and that from stillness and inner peace, we have access to all the resources, gifts and talents that already exist in us and achieve results in a simpler and more effective way. (Principle of Nature: More is not always better)
• Understand that challenges are precious messengers that allow us to shed light in areas of ourselves that were in darkness; When we see them, we find qualities that strengthen us and make us more creative (Principle of Nature: Resiliency)
• Release the need to control the expectations we have about the results of life events to look at them with curiosity and in a more balanced way (Principle of Nature: Balance)
PSYCH-K® is a precious spiritual process that you can choose when you are ready to transform the learned limiting ideas that maintain the addiction to anxiety, and begin to create a more aligned life in which you discover your greatness, remember your divine essence and be the peace you seek.
If it is your time to be a more authentic version of yourself, find information on about upcoming workshops to become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator or to start your process with a Facilitator through individual sessions.