Are they keeping you safe or are they keeping your life small and limited?

Martha Vargas, Certified PSYCH-K®️ Instructor, shares some of her experiences with this process:

Has it happened to you that when you hear other people sharing their experience about new methods of personal transformation, you immediately create an opinion based on a program you learned?  For example, “is best to distrust others”, “always doubt what others say”, “do not believe everything other people tell you”, “people are dishonest and are looking to take advantage of you”. 

At this point, you are probably thinking, “Well, of course! This is a common and natural human behavior; we should all think this way because it keeps us safe!”

Consider making a pause here for a moment and think, where and when did you learn to fear others? Who taught you to be suspicious of other people? Furthermore, how or when did you learn to mistrust yourself, to judge yourself and to doubt the decisions you make?

Maybe that’s why, when somebody tells you about a new type of self-transformation process which can help you improve your life in a significant way, you find yourself thinking things like this?

  • “He is trying to convince me to sell me something, but surely it is just another “technique”, another one of those new processes that sell you a quick fix but that is not sustainable over time. It must be a scam and it is better to distrust this kind of thing “
  • “This may work for that person, but it’s not for me; in order for me to change, I will need a lot of time and effort, because my life is more complicated and difficult than that of others, and I really do not have the time for this, nor the money! “
  • “I have already tried so many things and nothing changes so why even try”
  • “It sounds nice, but surely nothing in life is so easy – to achieve results, it has to be with a lot of effort or it is not worth it” “

In 2009, when I started reading about the personal transformation process called PSYCH-K®, I had many doubts because I had attended so many workshops and courses and I was very skeptical about the possibility of achieving real and sustainable changes. 

Given that as human beings we have been programed to be skeptical and to mistrust new things that others want to “sell us”,  I want to share with you some of the transformations that I have achieved in various areas by choosing to use the process called PSYCH-K® as a tool with which I can look at myself more from a standpoint of curiosity and with less judgment, that allows me to be a more authentic and free version of me. For me, PSYCH-K®️ has become the path to recognize the learned programming and behavior so that I can free my mind and be a more authentic version of myself, allowing me to fill my daily human experience with more joy, creativity and levity. 

Please, know that by sharing these experiences, I do not intend to convince you at all about PSYCH-K®️. The intention here is that perhaps my experience helps you see that if these changes were already possible for someone, then it is also possible for you.


  1. BALANCE: for years I sought the peace that I craved within me, by attending multiple workshops, reading books, doing visualization, and repeating daily affirmations. Since PSYCH-K® found me in October of 2009, I became aware that to find that peace, I had to make a daily choice of transforming my beliefs and limiting perceptions at the subconscious level in order to soften my judgment, let go of the fear and the need to control everything, so that I could get to a place of greater acceptance and love for myself. Using the PSYCH-K® processes, I was able to transcend the intellectual knowledge that I had obtained in books about the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and now, with a better subconscious foundation, I live from a very real awareness that the Great Spirit dwells within me and guides me to align my human actions so I can be more balanced, compassionate, patient, and authentic with myself and with others.
  2. EXPANSION– historically, culture measures success by how much we have or how much we have achieved in terms of money, houses, professional recognition, etc. – With PSYCH-K®, I realized how limiting this definition is, so I was able to transform my perception in order to define my success based on how I feel about my life, my choices, and my actions as a responsible human being who is in charge of my own life. I have developed a daily curiosity regarding the events and challenges that life presents me with as invitations for further growth, for trusting my journey, and as the path to express my inner power. Consequently, I now believe that living a good life is my birthright, and that I also have a daily responsibility to care for myself, for my immediate environment and for this house we call Planet Earth. 
  3. ENTHUSIASM– For years, even if I was very successful in my professional life, I felt very dissatisfied at an emotional and spiritual level. Now, I wake up daily with deep appreciation for being alive and with an intense enthusiasm to honor what I understand is my purpose for being in this planet: to enjoy the human experience in the most conscious and present way possible. Every day, I do the PSYCH-K® processes I find necessary, so that my thoughts, feelings, and actions are more coherent, congruent and consistent, and in the intention that I have better alignment of what my conscious mind wants and what my subconscious mind believes, all under the guidance of my superconscious mind (Higher self, Great Spirit, Intuition, Inner CEO, or whatever name you wish to give to this part of you). When I change, my environment changes.
  4. EVOLUTION– In my belief system before PSYCH-KR, accepting and understanding that at the level of what we call “Spirit”, I am unique and infinitely powerful, was inconceivable, because I was programed to believe that I was inherently imperfect and incomplete which led to an ongoing and extremely harsh judgement of myself for my failures and mistakes. Now, that I can choose what to believe at the subconscious level of mind, I know that I have been given the gift to experience the human experience so that the Great Spirit that dwells within me can expand and evolve
  5. EMPATHY– Thanks to the journey with PSYCH-K@, I can now see, accept, and understand my perfectly imperfect humanity. As a consequence, I have allowed myself to embrace and accept the lessons from all my experiences, which also helps me understand the journey of those who come to integrate PSYCH-K® in their life. Having the ability to look at myself with kindness, compassion and patience gives me the opportunity to be a living example of what I have to offer and to fully connect with each person in my environment.


Based on what I have shared, perhaps you will be willing to do something different in order to significantly improve your quality of life and invest some of your energy and time to discover that you have the power to create more peace in your life.

As a final thought, when you take a PSYCH-K® workshop, you have the opportunity to transform everything that I have shared with you with the support of the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature, where we find the Original instructions to create sustainable success in a loving, compassionate, and patient way, based on beliefs like these for example:

  • I trust my creativity and ingenuity in times of change (Principle of Adaptability)
  • I usually see things from a balanced point of view. (Principle of Balance)
  • I carefully consider the impact of my decisions and actions on others. (Principle of Interconnection)

PSYCH-K® is an easy and fast way to become the designer of your destiny, so you can live better. If you like to know how to participate in a PSYCH-K® workshop or how to book a private online session with a Facilitator, visit or write to