Petra Donkers, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her journey

From the age of four, I harbored an unparalleled passion for the enchanting world of musicals. My adoration for Eliza Doolittle from “My Fair Lady” knew no bounds. Her transformation from a simple flower girl to an elegant lady not only ignited my love for musicals but also sowed the seed of a dream: if she could achieve her dream, why couldn’t I? My childhood room became my stage, where day after day, singing and dancing, I practiced for my future stardom.

Alongside this dream, I harbored another ambition: to create a world filled with happy children. I firmly believed these two dreams could go hand in hand. Yet, I faced two enormous barriers: my inability to sing and the overwhelming fear of showcasing my voice on stage.

As a result, I often found myself in the background: as an alto in a choir, a keyboardist for my best friend’s singing, or the second choice for school musicals. This background role was safe, but deep down, I knew there was more within me, waiting to be discovered.

Life took a turn when I was forty-two, meeting Paul, a seasoned singer with a thirty-year career. Despite my vocal limitations, he saw something in me. With his support, I found a singing coach who had developed the Vocal Feedback method, a technique that allows you to master all singing styles within a few years.

My progress was noticeable, but my potential remained untapped. My body would stiffen, and my throat would close at the thought of singing in public. The fear of failure was paralyzing.

That’s when I discovered PSYCH-K®. After moving and without regular singing lessons, Paul and I continued to sing. Each session brought astonishing progress. My voice opened up, freed from the stress that had gripped my body. Songs that had previously been unreachable were added to my repertoire.

A turning point came during a day in the studio focused on stage presence. There, I worked with PSYCH-K® to overcome my fears: singing in front of others, exposing myself on stage through song. This breakthrough led to my first solo performance on Valentine’s Day, for an intimate audience. It was an evening of pure enjoyment, both for me and my listeners.

And now? The adventure continues. Next year, we plan to produce my own musical. The goal? To inspire people to pursue their dreams. Because if I can achieve my dreams, anyone can. It’s crucial never to give up, no matter how unattainable your dreams may seem. Share your ambitions, no matter how unconventional they may be. And remember: success is only possible when the voices in your head are in harmony with your true desires.

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