Andrea Zulauf, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, shares her story

In 2014 I booked an interesting “women weekend retreat” with some friends and other unknown participants. I intended to have a relaxed and cosy time and I surely didn’t expect to discover a new life.
I attended a small presentation from a PSYCH-K® Facilitator — Katja — which sounded nicely and already during the presentation I felt a small dizzy trembling within me (as if a big adventure is in front of you), which I could not really describe. I talked a lot to her after the presentation and I couldn’t believe, how quick and powerful this method can change habits, beliefs and lives! I felt like falling in love and this was also the perception of my husband, when I came home, not being able to stop talking about PSYCH-K®. I almost forced him to read Rob´s book — PSYCH-K®   The missing peace in your life. He was immediately convinced and we decided to attend the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop in Germany with Brunhild Hofmann. Nowadays I can truly say, this has saved my life, my relationship and helped to realize many dreams – I can barely tell, how my life would look like, without PSYCH-K®.
Sandro (my husband) and I had been struggling for almost a year in our relationship. We have felt a deep love for each other and still, there have been so many fights, so many discussions, so many arguments! After we learned PSYCH-K® and we realized, that all these troubles were caused by different perceptions and beliefs in our lives. So we started balancing with each other! After every PSYCH-K® balance we felt the release of stress, we could feel harmony between us and so many fights just stopped immediately. Additionally I have just built up my own business as natural therapist and I suffered a lot from financial stress.Many times, I was not able to sleep at night, because I feared to lose all my money. After doing some balances, this topic never occurred again and I slept like a baby!
The biggest gift I have experienced during my PSYCH-K® journey, was the spiritual connection. The first time I consciously connected with my true essence, was in the PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat. It was a profound change in my life, but still very hard for me to perceive and integrate. Some years later, my dad suffered from cancer and wasn’t able to make it through. I will never forget the morning, when we received the phone call, that my dad died. I cried, my whole body trembled, I wasn’t able to do anything. Thanks to Sandro, guiding me to transform the perception of the stressful situation, I was finally able to sit in my car and drive to my parents home. It was the first time, I experienced a truly holy moment, when the soul leaves a body. I have felt – truly felt the spiritual being, staying with us for another hours and then leaving. I am absolutely sure, I was only able to experience all of this, only because I was already closer to my true essence and because I was in peace with the circumstances. This was the biggest present, I have received through PSYCH-K®! 
I am happy and blessed to be able to teach this wonderful method to others, so that they can experience more peace, happiness and connection in their lives.