Basic Workshop Instructor Certification Training

Program Overview and Prerequisites

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor. Following is an overview of our vision for the program and its Instructors.  After reviewing the requirements, please contact us at  for more details before submitting the required material. A good level of spoken and written English is required to become a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor. Certification training dates are to be announced.


The overall goal for the Instructor program is to have as few Instructors as possible, who are highly qualified, to teach as many individuals as possible, worldwide. This goal is achieved by Instructors who see this as a central career, rather than a hobby, or just an activity to add to your “tool box” for change.  The expectation is that you will have the ability and desire to teach at least 200+ workshop participants a year.  Achieving this goal requires sufficient marketing skills to sustain this level of success.  Prior marketing experience is an important component for all Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors.  It is our goal to maintain an active relationship with all the Instructors, hence the need to limit the number of Instructors. Further, it is equally important that the quality of the relationships among all Instructors is one of mutual respect, trust, and collaboration, as well as a shared passion and commitment to make a positive difference in the world. The ability to collaborate and cooperate with others is another key indicator of a successful Instructor candidate.  These personality traits and interpersonal skills are necessary to be a successful Certified Instructor. Operating as a community, while maintaining our unique individuality, is our goal. We refer to this operational philosophy as Sacred Reciprocity.

As a candidate you must:

  1. Have true passion and dedication for facilitating PSYCH-K®
  2. Be a “walk-your-talk” representative of the Principles of Nature i.e, collaboration, resiliency, harmony, respect for diversity, the ability to adapt to changing situations, interconnectedness, etc.
  3. Understand the Sacredness of PSYCH-K®, including the practical business applications of it.
  4. Have significant personal and professional experience i.e., doing PSYCH-K® with yourself and others, to have accumulated at least half a dozen success stories to communicate to your workshop participants.
  5. Have an independently successful Facilitator business and marketing system in place (10+ Facilitations per week). This will increase the probability of success as an Instructor, as you will already have proven that you can successfully market PSYCH-K®.
  6. Have a close relationship with an Instructor(s), and that marketing-wise, you are capable of independently sending the requisite 20 people to each of the two workshops they are required to organize and sponsor for an Instructor/s.
  7. Have concretely demonstrated your desire and ability to add value to the PSYCH-K® community, even before becoming an Instructor, for example suggesting people attend PSYCH-K® workshops.
  8. Have consistently used PSYCH-K® with yourself, and can communicate the positive changes that were made in your lives.
  9. Have clearly demonstrated to Instructors your heartfelt respect for, and commitment to, becoming a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor.

If the above philosophy doesn’t meet your desires, skills, or preferences, or the below requirements are not appropriate for your situation or skills, and you would like to consider an alternative affiliation with the PSYCH-K® Centre, please select the following link, PSYCH-K® Centre Preferred Facilitators.


PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop Instructor Training

Completion of the Certification Training will entitle Instructors to teach the three-day PSYCH-K® Basic Workshops. Instructors will have the legal right to advertise their status as Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors of the workshops. They will also have the legal right, as per the License Agreement (contact the PSYCH-K® Centre for more information about the Instructor’s Licensing Agreement), to use the PSYCH-K® trade names and logos in advertising and marketing to promote the workshops and themselves. Certified Instructors are free to teach the workshops anywhere in the world. There are no “territories,” like most sales organizations, rather we see ourselves as a collaborative educational organization.

Prerequisites for the Basic Workshop Instructor Training

All Prospective Candidates will have:

  1. Successfully completed the Basic, Master Facilitation Workshop, and Advanced PSYCH-K® workshops.
  2. Attended the Divine Integration Retreat (DIR) before the Basic Certification or attend the DIR not later than one (1) year from completing your Basic Instructor Certification.
  3. Secured at least (2) recommendation(s) from your Basic, Advanced, and/or Master Facilitation Workshop Instructor(s).
  4. Appropriate marketing resources and group presentation skills, to be determined by the Certifying Agent.
  5. Sponsored at least (2) PSYCH-K® Basic Workshops to be taught by an existing Certified PSYCH-K®.  The two workshop must have at least (20) participants in each workshop who attend as a direct result of the sponsor’s marketing resources.  Additional participants may come from other sources.
  6. Provided to the Certifying Agent — at least (90) days prior to the training — a written plan for marketing PSYCH-K®. A favorable review of the marketing plan is a prerequisite to attending the training.
  7. Provided to the Certifying Agent — at least (90) days prior to the training — a video in which the prospective Instructor Candidate facilitates Establish Communication, the New Direction and Resolution Balances. Preferentially, the prospective Instructor Candidate should facilitate with someone who is not familiar with PSYCH-K®. You will use the workshop materials during the video rather than showing that you have the material memorized. The point of the video is to demonstrate a working knowledge of the procedures you will be learning to teach. A favorable review of the video by the Certifying Agent is a prerequisite to attending the training.
  8. Provided to the Certifying Agent — at least (90) days prior to the training — three letters of professional reference.
  9. Audited a Basic class within 2 months after the Certification, before teaching the first Basic Workshop which should occur within 4 months of the Certification.

Duration and Location of Certification Training

The Instructor Certification training is a six-day event. Trainings are usually held in the US or Europe, according to where the majority of candidates are. Travel, lodging, and meals are not included in the training fee. Certification Candidates must demonstrate suitable skills, in the estimation of the Certifying Agent, to be awarded Certification status. Should the Candidate not demonstrate suitable skills, half the training fee will be returned to the Candidate. The other half of the fee is non-refundable. However, by mutual consent, the Candidate may return at a later date, pay the standard Certification training fee, and take the Certification training again.

Tuition for Training and Certification

The six-day Certification Training is $7500, which must be paid in full two weeks prior to Certification training. Upon successful completion of the Certification Training Program the PSYCH-K® Basic Instructor will receive:

  1. Certificate suitable for framing.
  2. One (1) pdf format PSYCH-K® Basic Instructor training manual.
  3. One Instructor listing on the PSYCH-K® Centre International website
  4. Credit for Ten (10) Basic Packets.

NOTE: Certification requirements are subject to change at any time by the PSYCH-K® Centre International.

If after reviewing these requirements, you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact