“Things don’t happen before or after, they happen at the right time.”

Mother Nature has the Original Instructions on how we can evolve in harmony and permanently shows us multiple examples of the divine synchronicity with which life occurs: seeds germinate in the spring and mature as plants in the summer; then they create more seeds in the fall and remain at rest during the winter until they germinate again in spring, completing the cycle. A seed does not germinate without completing the cycle it requires, and a plant evolves to another stage at just the right time. There is no death – only life that transcends from one stage to the next.

From Mother Nature we learn the wise patience with which everything happens at the right time as part of an exquisite and intelligently designed plan. The seed transcends to become a fruit or a flower; when the egg opens a bird is born; when the caterpillar thinks it is dying, it becomes a iridescent butterfly; the tree falls to the ground and becomes fertilizer for new trees; night becomes day; summer gives way to autumn. A storm gives rise to new seeds; a fire renews the forest; an earthquake opens space for new opportunities; the hurricane moves what was still and when the sun comes out again, everything is clean and starts to renew.

Humans invented time, yet we lost sight of the timely management of this resource; we became slaves of time, living in a constant “rush”, in which we are accompanied by the permanent fear of not getting somewhere in time, of not having enough time, of not completing a project in time. We developed faster processors, applications, devices and, we have accelerated the need for everything to happen faster: fast food, fast meetings, fast messages, fast relationships, everything fast! We want it all yesterday, or better yet, the day before!

We no longer have time to stop and breathe; no time to let things mature; no time to be ourselves; no time to just be; no time to enjoy the presence of those we love; no time for a phone call; talking in person and even talking on the phone are considered “old fashioned” habits. There is no time to eat and much less to express our gratitude for the blessing of having food on the table; no time to look another human being in their beautiful eyes because ours are hypnotized by ever-present screens; no time for anything, no time to LIVE. We are afraid that we will run out of time and die before we get every THING we think we need to be happy!

Acceptance of Divine Timing is essential to find the much patience for a new idea or project to bloom, for the loving construction of a healthy relationship, for finding the right moment to say something, to trust that the next step appears in the perfect moment and to allow ourselves to stop and smell the flowers, or to simply BE without doing!

Hand in hand with timing also come the miracle of synchronicities. Those fabulous experiences in which we realize how certain things happen, impeccably, so that others will have the right time to happen. For example, consider everything that happened in perfect timing so that you could meet your current partner; maybe, that day you forgot something at home and went out 5 minutes later than planned and met this person in the elevator. Or, that time when took longer than expected to sell something and then you realized it was perfect because a better alternative came along. Or, the day you missed a flight, and it was perfect because on the next flight was the person you needed to contact for a business deal. How many experiences like that have we had, and at the time, we were frustrated, yet later on we had the time to understand that it was a perfect synchronicity, because the time of the Universe works in ways our human mind cannot always grasp.

Being in tune with Divine Timing, is an essential element in creating sustainable success. How would your life change if you had the “key” to transform the energy you have been using in frustration, confusion and discomfort, into awareness and gratitude for the perfect synchronicities of life?

This is where PSYCH-K® comes in, as the “key” that will allow you to access your subconscious mind and transform in a very simple, easy and fun way, the self limiting programs and perceptions that keep you in the “victim” mode. We learned these limiting programs from the collective culture which is why we forget the perfection of Divine timing, creating a hurried life that ignores the beauty of “allowing” the natural rhythm and the precious effects of the results that occur when the “gods of synchronicity” are activated.

Based on the above, we invite you to reflect on which areas of your life are out of balance because perhaps you want things to happen faster than they need to, or perhaps there are other areas in which you are going at a slower pace than you need to and are failing to take timely actions. This is an invitation to remember your “natural rhythm”, which happens as a result of returning to the Principles that Mother Nature presents us with such simplicity and elegance.

With proper time management, it would be easier to choose the right moment to act, to know what to say and the right time to say it, as elegantly simple as the sun sets at the end of the day and the moon rises every night.

Can you imagine how your life would change if these concepts were present and manifested in your day-to-day life, in a natural way?

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate PSYCH-K® to accept and respect divine timing in a fun and easy way in order to create sustainable success in your life, visit psych-k.com to find the next Basic workshop that is right for you, or a Facilitator who will support you in transforming your self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones.