December 2020

December 21, 2020 was the Winter Solstice, and you may have received information from a variety of sources, of why it is a very unique day in terms of its significance for human evolution due to a rare alignment of planets and moons that has not happened in thousands of years (if you have not seen any information, a simple Google search will show you a wide array of very interesting information and you can choose to believe from it what your inner wisdom guides you to). At the core of the PSYCH-K® environment and philosophy, are the Principles of Mother Nature, which to us contain the Original Instructions that support us in our self-realization journey; a journey that is based on remembering how to Align our lives with a more essential and divine way of going about our human experience.


  • If you already are a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, remember you may Balance these Principles as often as your inner guidance leads you to them, as they will take you to unprecedented levels of self-realization, consciousness and awareness in your individual journey and it is also a magnificent way to support the evolution of this macro-organism we call Humanity
  • If you still have not attended a PSYCH-K® Basic workshop, perhaps integrating millennia of Mother Nature´s wisdom into your subconscious mind in a fast and easy way, may be a good motivation to do so


In this very unique day, we want to express our Gratitude for the privilege of being active participants in the intention of nurturing human evolution and we want to do so, by describing how interiorizing each of these 11 Principles at the subconscious level of mind, is essential in our path to recognizing our Divinity, discovering our Greatness, and becoming the Peace we seek.

  • Harmony: The species that survive are those that live in harmony with the signs and principles of Nature. We are grateful for having a way to recover the ability to live in harmony with everything and everyone on our planet and thus facilitate the survival of our civilization. Attending to the signs and principles of Nature, respecting its rules and considering the effects of our actions in our immediate environment (family, occupation, neighborhood) as well as at the global level, is the true Ecology.
  • Adaptability: the most successful animals and plants are those that have the greatest capacity to adapt to changes in the environment; in other words, survival of the “fittingest” (not necessarily of the strongest). We are grateful to be able to create sustainable success by easily adapting to today’s rapidly changing world through creativity and flexibility.
  • Diversity: Biodiversity in Nature increases the survival potential of the entire ecosystem. We are grateful for being able to welcome diversity of thought and behavior in life as this increases the options for adaptation and survival in the planetary ecosystem. Being neutral and respectful for everyone’s choices of religion, gender, political opinions, etc. is our way to acknowledge that without Diversity there is no Oneness.
  • Collaboration: The original definition of competence in Latin competere was “working together to…“. (com= together + petere= look for the goal). We are grateful as we can experience that working together for a common goal is very different from today’s meaning of competition where you seek to win at all costs or see the competitors as the “enemy”. “Working together for” is more similar to our current concept of collaboration than the modern understanding of the word “competition”. Healthy competition can be the source of inspiration to become better human beings, rather than a strategy to eliminate others to prevent them from achieving their goals. If we begin to look at the world as a limitless space of opportunities available to everyone, we will see that it is simpler to function in collaboration. The result is to live lives with a common sense of purpose and security, replacing fear and chaos.
  • Cause and Effect: This is an intrinsic principle of Nature, consistent with Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” We are grateful to be able to be fully aware of the responsibility we each have in the co-creation of our reality, so we can choose to act knowing that everything we think or do has an effect, small or large, conscious or subconscious, in everyone and everything.
  • Resilience: This is the ability to recover from trauma, loss, or any other type of apparent chaos or “disaster”. In the case of Nature, the trauma is usually physical (fire, flood, earthquake, etc). In the case of people, it is usually emotional, yet the principle is the same. We are grateful for the ability to “recover” from failure and to find the opportunity or the gift that a challenge brings, as a vital key to creating more areas of our lives where sustainable success happens naturally and effortlessly. Resiliency allows us to truly see that when “chaos” appears in our lives it is actually an invitation for growth and a bridge to a new level of harmony.
  • Balance: In Nature, the balance of its forces – earth, air, fire and water – is a fundamental requirement for survival and sustainable success. In Life, we are grateful for the possibility of creating a better balance of the male/female energies inherent within every one of us, symbolized by the possibility of being both strong and tender, powerful and loving, resilient and vulnerable, proud and humble.
  • Interconnectedness: In nature, this means the interactions and relationships between organisms, as well as the relationship with their physical environment. At the human level, in daily life there are interactions we all share as individuals, both locally and globally. Let’s be grateful for the possibility of choosing how to act in consideration of how our behavior has an effect in that immediate environment as well as at a macro level. Remember, we are all connected, necessary and active cells of one macro-organism called humanity.
  • Timing(synchrony) : The impeccable use of timing or synchrony in Nature is evident: seeds germinate in the spring and mature as plants in the summer; then they create more seeds in the fall and remain dormant during the winter until they germinate again in the spring, completing the cycle. There is a time and a place for every situation we invite into our lives, for a new idea, for the creation of a new business, for the development of a new relationship, for choosing a new way of being, for knowing when and how to say something. Let’s be grateful for the impeccable timing of each experience; even if some experiences seem to be “out of the ideal timing”, it is all happening in Divine Timing and may just be an invitation for us to be patient and wait for them to mature until they are ready to bloom to their full essence.
  1. Effective use of resources:Nature wastes nothing; in the end, everything and everyone has been recycled. Quantum physics tells us that we are energy in the form of human beings. Conserving resources instead of wasting them is an obvious attribute of this principle… And another way of expressing gratitude is to recognize and value the infinite resources that we have been gifted with as human beings: love, friendship, time, health and wealth, laughter, breathing, seeing, smelling, touching, movement, stillness. Living life to the fullest and appreciating the sacred instant with those we love, is effective use of resources at its best
  2. More is not always better: Nature is wise when it comes to growth; everything in Nature happens in perfect synchronicity, effortlessly and “naturally”. Let’s be aware and grateful for the possibility of going through life with less effort and with greater and sustainable results. Let’s allow the possibility of a reality where we can let go of our addiction of “having to do” which keeps us in a state of constant anxiety and stress, so we discover that by doing better we create a more peaceful life where things happen effortlessly, as they do in Nature. This is our birth right!


Our ever-present gratitude to all the PSYCH-K® Facilitators and Instructors for their courage and willingness to choose to use PSYCH-K® to create a better version of Humanity.
And our Gratitude to all of you who still have not taken a workshop and have expressed interest in learning more about PSYCH-K® — Perhaps this 2021 will be your time to integrate this process in your daily life. Here are some links to videos that may be of interest to you: