Laura Couse, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her journey

I suffered severe circumstances between 2011-2014, I was left with horrible PTSD symptoms which I struggled with a lot.  Using the PSYCH-K® process with myself at several points through the following year or two helped me move through fear which enabled me to make right choices for myself, and then helped me release and transform the emotional charge attached to memories – in particular the (TPS) Transformation of Perception of Stress.

Using PSYCH-K® I changed my perception of who I was and who I could become, gained confidence and set out to be who I am today. I gave up my 9-5 office chair based job with poor pay and became a very successful and sought after Therapist in Massage, Lymphatic Drainage as well as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.   I am not finished – I put PSYCH-K® Facilitation at the back for years but am now moving toward a change to bring this to the forefront of my life and my work.  

In 2017 I was living in a rented studio flat on a farm – it was lovely but I knew I needed change and knew I needed to move to a house with enough room for me to work from home as a therapist.  It had to be the right location and so on.  Instead of placing limitations on what the Universe could provide for me – my Goal Statement was simply ‘I Have My Perfect Home’ which I balanced for, and my action step was to look out for the perfect home and do residential visits through estate agents.  I kept driving past a house I liked, in a village I liked, in a perfect location.  It was for sale – I knew I could not afford a mortgage though so ignored it.  After several weeks of driving past this house a few times I just knew I had to contact the owner!  I knew who it was, as I had done a treatment for her in this house before some time ago.  I reached out and asked her if she would take it off the market and rent it to me.  The next day, she said yes.  This was about three months after I had balanced for it.  And two months later, I moved into my ‘Perfect Home’.  Five years later, I am still comfortable and happy in my Perfect Home.

There have been so many other ‘noticed’ changes in my life from using PSYCH-K® to change my core beliefs – it is incredible.   I feel that I have completed a journey which needed to be completed – and now it is time to embark and a new journey to bring me closer to myself, and use PSYCH-K® at home and in work so much more.  I have done all the workshops  and would do them again and again and again as there is always something new that appears for me to learn about myself and it is always so lovely to refresh and network with other PSYCH-K® souls.

Thank you so much!

In love and light,
Laura Couse


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Hardingstone, Northampton, NN4 6DE, United Kingdom