Rosi Pletzer, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, shares her story

My name is Rosi Pletzer – I have been Facilitating PSYCH-K for several years and became a part of the Certified Instructor community in 2017, taking my certification with Rob Williams in Crestone, Colorado.

PSYCH-K found me when my life hit an implosion point. I was in a pretty destructive relationship, and it was like I found my line in the sand! I finally found something in me that stood up and said “no more, I’m worth more than this”.

I think in that moment I realized I was allowing this, I was co-creating this and it was up to me to find a new way forward. “

They say ask for a teacher and they’ll appear? Well! I ended up on a cruise with Bruce Lipton. I had  loved Bruce’s Biology of Belief and Honeymoon Effect Books for the longest time! They’d shaped me as a health facilitator and I already had great respect for Bruce’s work. I was blown away meeting him in person. More by him as a joyful and loving person and asked him how he created his changes in his life and he answered by using PSYCH-K® !

Two days after the cruise I was googling for PSYCH-K® and found a workshop in Brisbane, quite a distance from my home in Canberra.  Organized flights and time off and was there within 2 weeks. It was a no brainer for me! I knew something had to give, and that something was in me, so I needed to create my change. I’d done so much other stuff!! Personal growth stuff. I was so frustrated and really quite desperate for change.

I noticed so much change in my life pretty quickly after attending the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop – It’s really quite hard to remember and connect in with who I was pre PSYCH-K®.

The biggest change is my state of mind. I have so much more peace in my head these days! The battleground of my mind has become an enjoyable playground most of the time! I’m my cheersquad now instead of this abusive judge I had going on.

I’ve freed myself from so many destructive patterns, and created fun and healthy ways of being.”

We are all continually evolving! It doesn’t stop. PSYCH-K® is a simple and effective way of navigating our personal evolution and path to self-realization. It is elegant, fast and profound. Inviting all aspects of mind within the change process to ensure we are on track in regards to the greater picture of our lives. In this way we can use the PSYCH-K® processes for change to meet not just the physical, emotional and mental challenges of life, but as an asset on our spiritual journey also.

“My good times are better than they were and I reckon my bad times are better than my good times were….and…I still have times that don’t feel so good! Nowadays I see them as opportunities for growth…little, or big, gems that are offering me even further peace and self-realisation, which is pretty much the journey of us all…isn’t it? Getting to know ourselves and being in peace with ourselves and others…in the final analysis we are one.

The Basic workshop gives you all you need to be a Facilitator! There are practice groups and a lot of support within the community. The main goal is empowering Facilitators to make their own changes, to be the change they seek.

PSYCH-K isn’t the only road to subconscious belief change – For me, it has been the simplest, the most effective and the most powerful!