PSYCH-K® WORKSHOPS — An Investment for Life!

“Can you think of any experience in which you can invest, that will give you life long positive benefits?
~ Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®

When you invest in a PSYCH-K® workshop, you learn and practice a tool that you will be able to use in a practical, simple and effective way for the rest of your life!
Unlike other processes, which tend to be informational only, PSYCH-K® is both informational and transformational. It is a practical, interactive process taught in our experiential workshops. It is easy to learn, simple to use, and highly effective!
In our Online workshops, as well as the In-Person workshops, participants are taught and guided by one of our specially trained Certified Instructors.
The average PSYCH-K® Workshop is usually composed of 10 to 40 participants. This allows for a more interactive training environment and promotes a high quality, personal learning experience for each participant.
When you invest in a PSYCH-K Workshop, you are investing in yourself. An investment that lasts a lifetime, and can bring more joy and satisfaction into your life! This joy and satisfaction is also your unique gift to others. Your gift to all of humanity!

Investment by Type of Workshop

  • The (+/- US $100) variation within the ranges of the In-Person workshops depends on factors like venue, exchange rates, etc.
  • The values below do not include VAT, which will apply depending on each country
Basic : USD $1,050 (+/- USD $100)
Master Facilitation : USD $1,600 (+/- USD $100)
Advanced : USD $1,400 (+/- USD $100)
Health and Wellbeing: USD $1,850
Level 1: USD $750
Level 2: USD $1,350