The true purpose of the Human Experience – Transforming the Illusion of Separation Disorder

“We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.”

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin


The part of us that we can call the Great Spirit, and that perhaps some people call Source / God / Spirit/ Higher-Self/ Inner CEO / Inner Voice / Intuition / Universe /etc., made the choice to come to this spectacular blue planet, to LIVE a human experience. A powerful, challenging, transformative human experience; a human experience that is the path the Great Spirit chooses to offer us in order to evolve our consciousness toward the reunion with Divine Consciousness.

A few years ago, at a conference, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD in Cell Biology, and author of the book The Biology of Belief, gave his explanation about how science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. He said this was so because the human experience and spirituality cannot be separated, as a result of the fact that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. At the end of his lecture, someone asked him: “If we are spiritual beings, and our origin is the source of everything, what need does the Spirit have to come to this extremely complex, difficult and challenging human experience?” He smiled and simply replied: “It’s easy; the only way Spirit can know what chocolate tastes like is by taking a human body! ” Everyone laughed at an answer that initially sounded funny and seemingly superficial. Yet, upon reflection, the answer is extremely profound!

At some point in human history, usually thought to be in the Middle Ages, René Descartes (1596–1650), a French philosopher and mathematician first wrote about the mind and body being distinctly different aspects of human beings. This was the beginning of the separation of matter and spirituality, as well as the separation of body, mind and soul. Science dedicated itself to study matter and separated the energetic and spiritual aspects of the human experience. This is what we call the Illusion of Separation Disorder, in which the human experience is fundamentally separated from its spiritual origin – either by scientific beliefs or by religious beliefs. 

This separation does not only apply to being separated from the Divine, it fosters the perception that we are “separate” from each other, when in reality we are all ONE. This perceived separation diminishes our sense of intrinsic value as a spiritual being connected to our spiritual Source and to each other.

Albert Einstein called this perception “a kind of optical delusion of consciousness”. In other words, our senses are mis-perceiving reality! Quantum physics confirms the fact that we are all interconnected. In the quantum world, this is called “quantum entanglement”,  which is analogous to the spiritual concept of the Law of ONE. 

Separating our human aspect from the Source, from the Divine, can make us fundamentally insecure and fearful in life.  For this reason, the Illusion of Separation Disorder is the root cause of so many mental, emotional, and physical problems we are facing in our world today. Furthermore, it can lead us to believe – at both the conscious and the subconscious level of mind – that we are powerless to make things better, and to create a joyful and satisfying life. This separation led us to forget that we are connected with the infinite potential of Universal Consciousness, with something greater than ourselves.

This limited vision of the human being often renders us powerless victims of fear and can result in our perception of profound shame for not feeling that we are good enough, permanent fatigue and exhaustion, deep sadness, discontentment with our body, physical illness or mental imbalance, loneliness, lack of self-esteem and harsh self-judgment that we just can’t succeed in life!

This separation has also created deep divisions at the human level, between those who believe only what science can prove is true, and consequently judge everything “spiritual” is untrue, unreal, false, or childish. While on the other hand, those who have religious or spiritual beliefs sometimes feel that those who see the truth only in science, are inferior to those who believe in a world beyond the current limitations of science. 

And as if this were not complex enough, we have created so many divisive labels that separate us based on race, sex, gender choice, country of origin, language, etc., which in turn are the source of deep levels of stress and anxiety.

 All this “separation-itis” is the cause of discomfort, pain, anger, violence, loneliness, desolation, disappointment, feeling of abandonment, dis-ease, and so on. Separation and judgment are based on fear, on the disconnection from spirit, on the absence of empathy, love, and compassion. The result is this culture that is so afraid of everything and anything that is different!

Solving the Illusion of Separation Disorder and creating paradise on earth, is the true purpose of the human experience.

You can choose to go on living as you were conditioned by culture and family to do, along with the limiting subconscious foundation that promotes separation, and that your well-being depends on having more: more work-related success, more money in the bank, a bigger house, or a faster car.

Or, perhaps it is time for you to find a way to transform that conditioning at the subconscious level of mind which will allow you to make the daily choice to LIVE in balance, in harmony – internal and external – where the natural consequence is maximizing your potential as a human being. At the same time you can have more mental and emotional wellbeing, feeling healthier and having an expansive relationship with abundance at all levels.

In short, the daily possibility of LIVING in joy, in love and in peace.

Without a doubt, there are many ways to find a way to LIVE better. Our proposal is based on a spiritual process called PSYCH-K®, which has benefits at all levels of the human experience. PSYCH-K® is a self-realization path, which allows you to discover what we call “applied spirituality” to the practical aspects of daily life. When you choose this process, you will be able to access your subconscious mind to give it new information based on a loving choice that leads you to remember your most authentic Self. PSYCH-K® helps you open up a path of self-observation, that allows you to choose to transform everything that is showing up in your life as the Illusion of Separation Disorder, so you can reach higher levels of consciousness. You become like a cell that makes part of a great macro-organism called humanity.

As Lao Tzu says, the greatest gift we can offer the world is that of our own transformation. When you change, the world around you changes and the whole world transforms!

What do you say?

Are you ready to honor that the Great Spirit chose this LIFE so we can create together a society with a better “normal”, in which love, balance and interconnection are at the heart of all our actions and our global culture?

Are you ready to be part of this movement in which personal well-being is the measure of success? A movement in which creating a life full of meaning that also adds value to other people is at the core of all our actions in both our personal and professional lives?

Are you ready for a life in which your choices are aligned with wellbeing for your body, mind and spirit, as well as for the environment and the planet?

Are you ready to take responsibility for respecting, loving and accepting yourself so that this reflects in the relationship with others and with this home that we call Planet Earth?

If you are ready, we invite you to discover how to transform the Illusion of Separation Disorder with PSYCH-K, by taking a Level 1 Online workshop, or an in person Basic Workshop.

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