Emma Soleil, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, shares her story

I discovered PSYCH-K® through synchronicity when someone I love was having health complications. She had become familiar with Bruce Lipton’s work and because he works with PSYCH-K® she signed us up for a Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop. I agreed to join her in support, without knowing anything about the workshop – not even what it was called. While I didn’t know it at the time, PSYCH-K® was exactly what I needed to transform my life. I had already tried a number of healing modalities including therapy, psychedelics, and meditation. While each offered me a number of revelations and increased my awareness, I was still experiencing difficulty actually trusting what I had learned and integrating it. For all that awareness, life still felt very painful until I began working with PSYCH-K®.   

For context, I grew up frequently feeling helpless, unsafe, ashamed, blamed, unwanted, and resented in my own home. I believed I was a burden and that I was unimportant. So I tried very hard to be easy/compliant and to please others or otherwise avoid catching anyone’s attention for fear of being hurt. I was obsessed with being perfect at what others cared about and fearful that being anything else would upset the people around me. I felt personally responsible for managing others’ feelings, which took precedence over my own. As I worked overtime to keep the external peace, my internal world became increasingly tumultuous. I never shared my deepest thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams because there was no one I trusted with them – I actually felt unworthy of them and eventually lost touch with them completely. I felt isolated and deeply lonely even with company – I felt like I was never truly known and therefore never truly loved. And it was very painful – so painful that at some point, without my even noticing, I became chronically dissociated, hyper independent, and high achieving as coping mechanisms. I was living with extreme fear, including social anxiety, although I never really could tell how I felt unless I was already in the middle of a panic attack or contemplating suicide. 

I pushed my limits in very many ways and had very little regard for my own life and dreams. In my attempt to avoid the pain, I became a workaholic (I was a private equity investor and I found my corporate role draining) and I created an unhealthy MO in which I hurt myself in many ways. I felt unworthy of love and life and believed I needed to justify my existence through achievement and performance. I was almost exclusively extrinsically motivated because I needed external validation to feel good about myself. I had almost no internal validation and I had a very low sense of self esteem, self love, and self worth. Really I didn’t know myself at all. Life felt hollow and I was living on autopilot without a sense of meaning or connection. Under all of the stress, I developed autoimmune conditions and a battery of allergies and sensitivities and other ailments. 

When I attended that first PSYCH-K® Workshop in 2021, I had no idea how much I was hurting and how much I needed help. Perhaps that remained out of my awareness because I’d not yet had the tools to create the change I so ardently desired. After that first workshop, however, I was amazed at how quickly and easily PSYCH-K® helped me resolve long lasting, deep seated traumas. It created such a sense of relief around those memories and responses that I decided to go to the Advanced Integration just a month later and then the Divine Integration Retreat within another month. At that point I had such profound and positive experiences with PSYCH-K® that I felt compelled to share it with others to the best of my ability so I joined a Master Facilitation Workshop again within a month and then finally the Health and Well Being Workshop just about three months later. 

My journey with PSYCH-K® has been a pleasant surprise: In a short period of time, it helped me heal from complex PTSD, helped me resolve a number of my physical ailments, such as allergies and autoimmune conditions, and to help others with theirs as well. It has empowered me to live from a place of inspiration and love instead of fear. Now, as a result, life feels much more joyful and fulfilling. I finally feel a deep sense of safety, acceptance, love, appreciation, and belonging. I feel safe to be my authentic self and to express what I really think and feel and to do as I prefer. I am now able to hold space for others without managing their feelings or taking them personally. The feeling of inner peace and well being I now have are greater than words can describe. It has helped me create loving relationships, embrace my creativity, transition into meaningful work, and live my dreams. It has been such a positive addition to my life that I believe the highest and best good I can do is share it with others. Now I facilitate with others globally virtually and in select cases in person. It is an honor to help them create lives that they love and a joy to be a part of their journeys.


EMMA´s WEBSITE : EmmaSoleil.co.