Mary Mazur, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor shares her story

I chose to experience my life here first from an inferior ego perspective. I was born the eleventh child of twelve. My dad went off to the Vietnam war after I was born as a Lt Col Marine. I was born during the Civil Rights Crisis in our country’s capital in fearful energy, wired to be very alert, to fight or run. I took most things personally within me as I grew up, learning to be quite critical with myself, a bit of a perfectionist, and yet deny my feelings, since they were not safe to feel or express fully. 

I have always been quite stubborn, doing things ” my way”, including nicknaming myself ” Mimi – me! me! when my mom wanted to call me ‘Miffy’.  I grew my beliefs of what I believed was true, as we all do, and I KNEW I was right – LOL (and I liked to be right at all costs). 

I became a birth nurse working night shift, while I got married and raised four children. I have a tremendous amount of energy, (before PSYCH-K®, it was quite chaotic and ungrounded). I felt I could be a voice to young mommas who hadn’t found theirs yet. Helping others first was natural for me. Putting myself last was expected of me, and I played it well. I had my share of traumatic and abusive experiences, as many of us had. I was a warrior willing to overcome these in my lifetime, and to assist others in their transformational journey too.

My plate was quite full when PSYCH-K® came into my life.  I was active advocating in the disability community (my son was born with special needs). I was an active leader at my church, leading a starting point & small group ministry. And, my husband and I lead a leadership development company while I worked night shift helping moms have babies, and also actively raising my kids. (I would fit sleep in once in a while – LOL). I was an active learner, reading self-help books perpetually, attending conferences for self improvement and leadership, yet my frustrating, impatient, scattered energy kept me in a never ending drive to feed off of fear & challenges instead of love and peace. 

In 2008, my husband, Bill, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was 45 years old. His dad and oldest sister both died the month they turned 50 from complications of cancer. My husband was on this same trajectory. I made an internal decision that he would self-heal and break the disease pattern in his family. Within a year, Bruce Lipton’s book, ” Biology of Belief” entered my life. Bruce, in his book, told me to get to a PSYCH-K® workshop, so I did, three months later near my home. 

When I learned PSYCH-K®, I learned it to help my husband, not myself. I thought ” I was doing pretty good”. The joke was on me. My husband wanted nothing to do with PSYCH-K® for about three years. He needed to be ready to go within himself to make the changes he was seeking, and he needed to want to live. So, I began working with myself (thinking if I got really good at it, then I could help Bill, when he was ready). I was blown away by the transformations that began to happen within me! Using PSYCH-K® for myself daily, was the most precious gift I gave myself and my family! All my feelings began to open up. My denial mechanism fell. I began to wake up and realize I was creating my reality by my subconscious beliefs, AND I can change these beliefs, and my life reality!!!  My stress related health issues I was having all dissolved (psoriasis, varicose veins, carpal tunnel, TMJ, right eye vision blurriness, right ear deafness and tinnitus, eczema, etc). Peace came within me (which I never felt before). I began to slow down, find centeredness, and silence within me. I began connecting deeply with love and acceptance within me. My spiritual gifts began to open, where I may easily connect with my spiritual team, my Higher Self Spirit, Divine Source consciousness. 

I took the responsibility to discover my heart’s desires, and to reprogram my subconscious mind with these instead of the programs I received in my younger years.  It is a continuous, moment to moment journey for me, and it’s so miraculous! When my husband was ready, he transformed within himself, so his body responded in love and a desire to live here, opening up his closed cells to fully live. He’s moving through his 50s with a joy and desire for life now!  His pausing those three years gave me the space to work with myself greatly, and to unconditionally love and accept him for the choices he makes (whether to want to live or not).  

My spirit moved me to shift from helping moms birth their babies to helping assist all who are ready to birth their true essence within themselves, the love and light of who they really are with the gift of PSYCH-K®. I became a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor in 2017, along with facilitating one on one sessions with others since I learned PSYCH-K®. I feel so grateful and honored to share this precious gift and to continue to use it for myself daily as we go through these massive Ascension changes here on Earth! We live in magnificent times and each one of you are magnificent! We invite you to discover this within yourself using this powerful tool of PSYCH-K®. 

 Love, Mary