PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Facilitator Agreement

Very important note: If you are already a participant in Prefered Affiliate Program, please be sure to register for Health and Wellbeing Program Listings with a different username and different e-mail address. All other information can be exactly the same.

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Personal Preparation for Maximum Success The Agreement that you signed exists because we live as three-dimensional beings in a three dimensional world. It’s wise to pay attention to the realities that can be created in a collective consciousness field. Remember, you are creating your reality in conjunction, and co-mingled with approximately 7 billion other people who are creating their realities, as well. AND, because we have so much influence over our own realities based in our own — primarily subconscious — beliefs.  A wise Facilitator will prepare himself or herself for the kind of life experience he or she wishes to have. We highly recommend, encourage, and urge you to balance for beliefs that will allow you to have an experience of facilitating Health and Wellbeing processes full of mutual joy and health, and free of anger, blame, or any legal procedures initiated against you. Some sample beliefs to balance for include:

  • I attract into my practice and into my life ONLY those people who wish to be in mutual support, mutual joy, and mutual personal and spiritual growth with me.
  • My clients and partners in PSYCH-K facilitation take responsibility for their own lives and for the results of their balances.
  • Only those people who wish to truly benefit from PSYCH-K processes seek my facilitation services.

These are only samples. Use them as they are, or modify them to fit you specifically. And most importantly, use them as inspiration to create your own!