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After two decades of a career in banking, software start-ups, being diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy, an unhappy marriage, a divorce, living in five countries, and supporting my family, I realized what truly matters to me is helping people lead better lives. After a particularly challenging role leading product development at a transformational technology start-up it was brought to my attention that I was burnt out. I was sad all the time, I had no time for my loved ones, my relationships. My health, my spirituality and love for my own life were all suffering. Something had to change. I had to change. I started using PSYCH-K® as way to rewrite my own limiting beliefs and very quickly realized how powerful the practice was. I knew I could use it to help others going through challenging times in their lives. I jumped in with passion and joy and started developing my skills as a Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator. Now I work with people who know they want to see profound change in their lives but just can’t figure out how. PSYCH-K® quickly leads those who come to my practice to realize fun, powerful and illuminating new opportunities to live their best lives, just like it did for me.

If you’re struggling to improve your life in anyway, change subconscious limiting beliefs, or remove lifetimes of stress that block you from moving forward in your life - book a session now. Many people experience the change they need in a single session.

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