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Elaine So

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For so long now I have been equal parts fascinated and curious with the human belief system, the subconscious mind and the process of de-conditioning. I now work together with individuals to allow them to break free of limiting beliefs + experience rapid stress transformation.
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Ask yourself -
Am I ready to step into my power like never before?
Do I want to move through life with more ease?
Do I want to trust myself unconditionally?
Do I want to change up my perception and release stress from my past?
Do I want to start living my life every day with more joy?
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​​​✷ Are you ready to experience powerful subconscious belief change to live life on purpose?
​​​✷ Smash through limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for a lifetime.
​​​✷ Transform stressful situations stored and held in your body
​​​✷ Reprogram your subconscious with beliefs that support you towards your goals

I can't wait to work together, I'll be your biggest cheerleader x

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Online, In-person

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Health and Wellbeing Program

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