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Hello Everyone!

I grew up in Central Victoria and jumped at the opportunity to travel as soon as I entered into my young adulthood. This travel and experience taught me alot and enable me to quickly get on top of my own issues and problems from growing up, though, I could never of imagined the extra benifit that Psych-K® has had on my own advancement in all areas of the 'Self'.

I have experience massive transformation in the realms of my emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual lives, so much so that it would be hard to describe it.

For the first time ever in my life up untill this point I can safely say that I love myself wholly, I accept who I am wholly, I love all areas and aspects of my life and I am completely stable, comfortable and relaxed on a daily basis - Something I previously never thought possible!!!

A little more about me as a result of my story thus far, hmmm...
Let's see here...

I am a Lover of Quantum and Unified sciences such as Epigenetics, Quantum Mechanics, Nuero-Plasticity and Unified Space Memory Networks (unified science). I have studied many things for many years and am now culminating into a position where I can comfortably help other people beyond the capacity of traditional limitations and thus by Critical Mass, the Earth and the rest of humanity.

Currently Facilitator of Psych-K, a Quantum Zen Tarot Weaver and 'The Wealthy Warlock' - Teaching in the “Rich Psychic Goddess: Academy of Occult Hermetics”

A few things I have had experience doing through my story so far (;
- Energy work, Quantum Touch, Balancer
- Completed many certificates and positions in helping people through traditional means both professionally and voluntarily.
- Finished Psych-K training enabling me to interact with and change the subconscious programs of individuals and so on to communities, societies, cultures and countries and thus obviously Gaia Herself.
- Hosted astronomy dinners outside of Uluru – teaching people about our beautiful Universe above, which has served to instil a deeper passion to be of service to ALL life.
- Helped set up a couple of off grid communities with high levels of success from the developmental side of things, bush craft, building with resources at hand, pottery, light mining, water channelling and capture, waste management – both recycling and human waste, resource gathering as well as food production and storage.

I am an Energyworker, Lightworker, Soundworker, philosopher, sovereignty researcher/teacher, Dimensional Stepper, Shaman and Psycho-Naught for the consciousness rising here on Earth in the past, now and the future.

Come have a chat and see how we can work together to make your Life, Universe and Reality alot more 'Whole Brained'

Thank you for listening in ♥

(ps, my website is currently going through some branding which will include a price rise so jump at it while it is the way it is because it won't be for much longer!)

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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