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Stephen Lin

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I am a Business and High Performance Coach, and help my clients to scale greater heights of Business & Personal Success.

Have you ever felt that you should be even more successful than you already are, in your professional, emotional, social, intellectual, physical or spiritual life, than you already are? Or wondered if you needed to sacrifice some parts of your life, in order to do better in another part that you think has higher priority? (Example, you may be thinking you need to reduce business commitments, in order to improve your relationships). What I have found is that, actually, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. Yes, evidence abound that the highest performers mostly have equal success in all areas of theirs lives. In fact, it is this very balance that enables them to be high achievers.

I help clients like you to achieve personal satisfaction in all round, to HAVE IT ALL, through a 3-pronged approach.

At the Cognitive Level: I help you to crystallize your purpose, and what you need to do in each each aspect of your life. My 18 years as a Strategic Consultant to multi-nationals, government agencies, private enterprise, and business owners works to your benefit.

At the Subconscious Level: I help you to tap on your inner wisdom to transform your belief system to work with you, instead of against you. I have completed all PSYCH-K® workshops, namely Basic, Advanced, Master Facilitation, Health & Wellbeing, Divine Integration, as well as the PER-K® (the business version of PSYCH-K®) catalyst workshop. This is integrated into my coaching work with corporate clients and business owners to great effect.

At the Spiritual Level: I help you to get in touch with your higher-self, through which you attain more peace and contentment, higher ability to manifest your own destiny, and improve your practical creativity and insightfulness. 10 years practising the energy arts, understanding consciousness, together with PSYCH-K® as a spiritual practice (having psychological benefits) puts me in an excellent position to do this.

My driving passion is to help people who are willing and committed to it, to throw off their old limited selves, and get on the journey to realizing their full potential. My passion is to help you HAVE IT ALL.

I offer my services in-person, "live" on-line, and off-line by remote and surrogation. While in-person services are usually located in Singapore, "live" on-line sessions work just as easily regardless of which country you are in, as long as we can mutually agree on a time. (You need to have fast and reliable internet access.) Remote and surrogated sessions can be done anytime anywhere.

Do contact me to have a discussion on what you need, and how I can help you achieve it.

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