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Sanjita specialises in stress and trauma management.

Sanjita brings a genuine warmth, compassionate and caring presence into each of her sessions and aims to ensure that all her clients feel nurtured, safe and supported. She is passionate about using PSYCH-K® as a tool to help empower all her clients and accelerate their potential and personal power in order to become the best versions of themselves. Her goal is to help her clients enhance their confidence, embrace their personal power and utilize their skills to be happy, healthy, and successful individuals living more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Areas of stress and trauma include:
• grief and bereavement
• problematic relationships (family, friends and romantic relationships)
• abuse (physical and/or emotional)
• bullying
• health issues (physical, mental, emotional)
• money and financial beliefs
• career transitions
• sports injuries
• education (under exam environment, studying, school pressures)
• work environment

Sanjita specifically specialises with women between ages 25-60 who are experiencing difficulties through their transitions in life including, university to working, working to retirement and navigating personal growth. This also includes business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling with optimizing their businesses and experiencing difficulties maintaining a balance in their professional and personal lives.

Sanjita has completed all available PSYCH-K® programs: Basic, Advanced, Health & Wellbeing, and Master’s Facilitation.

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Online, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro