Rosamund Cooper

Rosamund Cooper

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I discovered PSYCH-K® when I attended a Bruce Lipton workshop in London. Since then I completed the Basic Workshop with Sharon Lock, the Advanced Integration Workshop with Cazzie Dare and the Health & Wellbeing Program with Duccio Locati.

Learning this approach has changed my life, which has been beset with medical and emotional challenges. Balancing has helped me regularly sleep soundly for the first time in a long time. It’s enabled me to lose weight when I’d been trying to for ages with no success. It’s rid me of physical pain and eased the grief of involuntary childlessness.

Most importantly PSYCH-K® has given me a sense of purpose and an opportunity to master my own destiny that was taken away from me in my teens.

I would love to share this life changing technique with you. To facilitate you changing your mind to one which supports, enhances and invigorates you.

What do you want instead of what you have now?

It’s your future, make it what you want.

Let me help you to be yourself, better.

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Health and Wellbeing Program