Virginie EYMERE

Virginie EYMERE

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Little Frenchie, optimistic, loving life and human connections

After a world trip that forever changed my perspective in life and a 2 years experience coaching leaders across Australia, I finally decided to take my journey to a next level, quiting everything that I knew, my comfortable career, to start living the dream assisting people transform their life for the better all over the world!

Amongst the many breakthroughs I have experienced on my personal development quest, the one that profoundly hit me through is the illusion of separation. I got it deeply imprinted that we are one and the same, moving through the universal hardships of life and experiencing mental health issues from time to time.

Passionate about the infinite power of mind, I specifically focused my attention towards the subconscious mind since it is the fastest and most effective way to tap into one’s forgotten inner wisdom and thus to shift behaviors.

Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator in Health and Wellbeing, I offer a delicate and supportive approach of this beautiful modality to guide you towards the change you want in your life, changing any disempowering beliefs at a subconscious level of mind into enhancing ones.
If you are struggling right now I get it, keep faith and trust the process ,you are just one step away to transcend

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program