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I've been honored to facilitate "change that really works" since 2009. Together with my clients we imprint new belief patterns and induce super-learning that quickly changes old, reactive, sabotaging patterns into supportive ones. I specialize in issues related to self-love and worthiness, wellness, and ACIM integration.

Throughout my successful 25-year corporate sales career I had a "massive desire" for more personal fulfillment and peace of mind. In search of answers, I attended over 100 retreats and seminars with well known teachers & gurus, traveled the globe on pilgrimages, amassed and read a vast library of personal development books, worked with numerous therapists and even became a meditation teacher, all without finding any lasting relief from my underlying worry and self-doubt.

In 2007 I became a Certified Mindful Coach and began working with clients. But I found that most wouldn't follow through on their action plans, and I didn't know how to help them change their sabotaging behaviors.

In 2008, I took my first PSYCH-K Basic Course and realized PSYCH-K was very different from everything else I had learned or experienced. Much of my own worry and anxiety started to lift. For me, PSYCH-K has been the fastest, most consistent and most LOVING way to create lasting change, and I am so grateful to share this amazing technology.

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