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Leonardo Lupori

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When I was just a 9 years boy, in my native Italian village in Tuscany, I watched as my father handcrafted a pair of loafers for his dear client. He taught me how to listen to others and see the real emotions and meaning of what they are saying . Even as a child, I remember my father’s satisfaction, but more so, I remember his client’s joy as he walked out of my parents' factory wearing his beautiful custom made shoes. My father helped that gentleman understand what he wanted and fulfilled it. That experience affected me profoundly.

I use Hypnosis, PSYCH-K, Guided Imagery, and Healing the Inner Child to facilitate clients becoming their potentialities.

Currently, I practice in two locations: West Hollywood and Tarzana, CA.
With every client, I care to establish a reliable, professional, and non-judgmental rapport, offering confidentiality and safety.

In 2016 I moved to Los Angeles, where I specialized in techniques that I like to call "participatory processes." The methods I use, require the client to actively participate in order to obtain results. I want to talk about these tools as techniques that I don't do to the client, but I do with the client.

I traveled extensively to meet some fantastic PSYCH-K instructors in different locations in the United States and Canada. Their uniqueness and personal approach to this method inspired deeply on how I wanted to use PSYCH-K to help people to achieve their goals.

I believe that the right answer is already in the client's belief system, people have a subconscious known about what they need to do to solve their problems, yet they might be resistant to the solution. PSYCH-K can be very effective in helping people with shifting beliefs.

I offer a free ten mins pre-session consultation, feel free to call or inquire.

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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