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Kristen McKenzie

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It’s fair to say I’m passionate about personal-development, and even more passionate about helping people grow, overcome challenges, and live & create their own version of success and happiness.

In pursuit of my own, I began a learning and growing journey that spans nearly 25 years now, organically researching, studying, reading, listening to hours of audio, attending seminars & workshops, doing different courses & study programs...and road testing all of it, teaching what I’ve learned, and coaching along the way.

I’ve been educated, moulded, challenged and changed by some of the most influential teachers, thought leaders and change makers in the world, from many different modalities and backgrounds.

What has resulted is an extensive knowledge of why as people we do what we do, and more commonly, why we DON’T do what we most want to do or know we should, and...what we NEED to do to start mobilising ourself and our life in the direction we want it to go.

But, as I discovered myself, knowing how we tick, what we want and what action is required doesn’t necessarily mobilise us to take the necessary actions & do the work required. This can lead to a distinct sense of restlessness, frustration and overall unhappiness. Ultimately, our reality is not keeping up with our dreams, our goals and our desires.

In a nutshell, with the use of PSYCH-K®️ I can help you align with your current desires, & fast track your progress and results.
Instead of struggling for results, you’ll be hardwired for them.

Whilst there is no substitute for taking the actions necessary to achieve your goals, PSYCH-K®️ can very quickly replace sabotaging and unsupportive patterns, behaviours & beliefs at the subconscious level of mind with more supportive ones that are in alignment with your current desires & goals.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want, where to start, or how to get to there if you do. I can help you figure it out and co-construct an achievable plan that’s right for YOU, and in alignment WITH you.

Whether it’s just a little tweak or a complete overhaul you’re needing, when you’re truly ready to achieve the results, growth and happiness you aspire to have, it would be my pleasure to work with you.

Kristen xo

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