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Before PSYCH-K® found me, I was running a deep-tech blockchain startup after dropping out of a Physics and Engineering degree at the Australian National University. In January of 2019, a profound experience with the sacred plant ayahuasca opened up a whole new world of mystery for me, which I proceeded to dive right into. Right before I left my start-up, we were going to build a tree-planting app on our bespoke platform, with a few local businesses. One of the people sitting in our first meeting was Rosi, a beautiful PSYCH-K® instructor who has been a great gift in my life. It was only months later, after leaving my start-up, that I had the privilege of attending my first PSYCH-K® workshop with Rosi. It was obvious to me that PSYCH-K® was something different and through magical synchronicities, it became clear that PSYCH-K® was where I had to be. I promptly attended the workshops as I felt it for me to attend, which just so happened to be a very rapid sequence.

Now, I offer PSYCH-K® facilitation through my company Joyfulness. My vision is to bring humans to a state of constant joy. I believe in a love-based economy and so I offer all my services in the spirit of Gift. This means there are no expectations of my partner - including financial. People pay what they feel and are able.
This way of being in society feels the best to me and is the preferred world I want to live in. It is a beautiful gift, to be in service of Gift 🙂

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