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Choosing to become a Psych-k facilitator in 2019 was one of the best
decisions I’ve made. Not only have I transformed my own thoughts and
feelings from victimhood, depression and anxiety into spiritual, positive,
conscious living, I have facilitated hundreds of brave and incredible people
whom I see transforming rapidly before my eyes… their beliefs and lives
changing and evolving in ways they could never imagine. It is such an an
honour and privilege to witness this.
Facing our fears, addictions, habits, trauma or grief is no easy feat, yet for
those of us brave enough to let go and surrender to whatever it is we need to
see, feel and transform is one of the most rewarding parts of the Psych-k®
As an Interior Designer I spent years creating and transforming homes all
over Australia and UK . My clients loved the way I could intuited and
translate their ideas and desires into beautiful, harmonious, inspiring spaces.
It was what I loved and lived for. However, in my personal life, particularly
my relationship with myself, there was not much harmony or beauty going
on. I was battling with chronic depression, anxiety, low self esteem and
generational money trauma. I swam in those dark crevices with no map, no
torch or hand to hold for decades and it felt very lonely and debilitating a lot
of the time.
In 2018 I was introduced to Psych-k and faster than years of talk therapy,
this process empowered me to eliminate the negative, habitual and crippling
unconscious beliefs and programming (most likely from caregivers and
society in my childhood) that I had been unconsciously operating with and
from for most of my life! Creating space for my own wisdom from deep
within, buried for years, to emerge & transform my thoughts and behaviours
into beautiful, positive, conscious living. Being courageous enough to look
into and work out where my anxiety, fears, trauma & depression came from
and then know it so compassionately is a gift from this work in itself, yet to
then transform it into the life, thoughts and feelings I wanted and deserved
was priceless.
In letting go we receive the greatest gift of arriving inside ourselves; our cells,
as if for the first time, with unequivocal self love and an infinite source to
create magic from. My intuition and compassion hold a space for you to
safely unravel to reveal your inner wisdom.

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