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Ground Yourself

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Hi my name is Hannah and I live on our beautiful farm on the outskirts of the village of Elham. Husband Mark is the farmer and I run our shepherds hut holiday lets and therapies together with retreat camps focusing on nature and digital detox. We have 2 children, Ollie age 11 and Ebony age 6 who is home schooled.

Below is a brief history of how I came to holistic therapies (there is more information on my website)
My career as solicitor was cut short 10 years ago due to environmental illness. When I found that environmental factors were having an effect on my health I began to seek healing for my body but also mind and spirit. I attended the Dynamic Neural Retraining Program in Switzerland. This program assists people with environmental illnesses by using techniques to rewire the brain. After having some improvements with my light and screen sensitivities I wanted to learn more. I found myself drawn to attend courses in PSYCH-K and NLP.

In 2015 I came to PSYCH-K and since then have completed the advance and pro courses.

I have found PSYCH-K fabulous for guidance and answers for self healing. Any limiting beliefs you hold show up in your energy field and are tested using muscle testing (usually an arm). We then focus your energy on what you want instead using the process of PSYCH-K balances. There are various balances and again it is up to your subconscious to lead the way through muscle testing as to which is suitable for you at that time.

I have also found the visualisation part of PSYCH-K invaluable when working with any goal.

I am truly grateful for the change in life direction. I am now following my passion of working with others through this amazing life with challenges, desires, goals and healing!

My experience of environmental factors and health means that a beautiful space has been created for healing. All sessions are carried out in a pine cabin on the farm heated by woodburning stove in the winter. You may also choose to stay in one of our shepherds huts while you have your therapy as a PSYCH-K Retreat. If just attending for a session you are invited to walk in our private rewilded valley of wildflowers and forest nearby. The spaces are MCS and EHS friendly.

Prices are £60 for an hour and half session. Payments to be made via bank transfer or on cash

I look forward to meeting you!!


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