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Do you feel like you are destined for more? The only person that can hold you back is…well, you!

I am Eylem Govtepe and I am here to help you achieve your best self yet by freeing you from self-limiting beliefs through the art of healing.

I have dedicated my life to serving and guiding others through challenging times as a Reiki practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator, and retired police officer. I do this with the grace that comes from achieving my own healing which allows me to interact with clients without any preconceived biases or judgments.

If you are:

In mental, physical, and/or emotional turmoil
In need of help and guidance so you can achieve success holistically
Feeling a little lost or disconnected from your mind and body

Then I am here for you. With me, you are in a completely judgment-free space.

Here's how I can help with a combination of practices:

Reiki Practioner: Guide you as you manage stress, pain, and other physical ailments by using the energy of Reiki.

This form of energy healing uses the most delicate of touches to move the energy within your body and release any harmful patterns that are hindering you from achieving your optimum well-being.

PSYCH-K facilitator: Simple yet life-changing self-healing techniques that can help you reconnect with your mind and body in ways that you never thought possible and leave you with the grace and power to take full control of your life.

With 14 years of experience as a police officer, I have seen firsthand how, with the proper help, anyone can get through tough times so they can live the life that they want and deserve. All you need is the perfect team to make it happen.

If you want me to be a member of your team through this journey called life, you can avail my services which include:

Reiki Master
PSYCH-K Basic,Master,Advanced
Emotional Freedom Technique
Matrix Reimprinting
Clinical Hypnotherapy (CBT)
Transformational coaching using different therapy techniques

It’s time to shift that mind set and prepare yourself for a new you in the new year. I am excited to start this journey of healing with you!

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United Kingdom



Essex / worldwide


English, Turkish

Session types:

Online, In-person, Phone

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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