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Emma Laing

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Emma Laing is an Accredited PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Master Coach with over 8000 hours experience, and an Author and Leadership Consultant.
For the past twenty years Emma has worked one- on- one offering transformational processes, coaching and programs in Australia and Internationally. Clients have described working with Emma as life changing and pivotal in supporting them to breakthrough limitations and imbed important changes in their lives. They refer to Emma's ability to inspire and provoke deep insights, and build motivation and momentum to transform key areas. Emma considers Psych K to be a most powerful methodology to create profound, sustained positive change at the deepest level. Additionally Emma is accredited in a range of methodologies including Psych K, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Integrative Self Empowerment therapy, Though Field Therapy, Holographic Repatterning, and Neuroscience, and has studied, practiced and taught meditation and mindfulness for over 30 years in Australia and Internationally.
Emma is commitment to assisting people to reach their full potential and optimal outcomes in all areas of their personal and professional life, working with people from many different walks of life, as well as professionals, elite athletes, CEO's and leaders in Australia and Internationally.
What her clients say:
The Psych K session was incredibly powerful. It was hard to believe at first that I could change such deep limiting beliefs in such a short time, but from my first sessions I experienced a profound shift. Thank you Emma !

Thank you Emma for this awesome experience. The one on one work we have done has been transformational. In regard to the recent two day retreat I attended, everything was superb, powerful, gentle and useful. I loved the processes, mindfulness and neuroscience insights explained in a clear and helpful way that I can apply day to day and utilise with others to support me to engage those I work with more fully. I have attended many other programs but this was by far the most powerful. Mindful Leadership Program participant

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