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Derrell Humphries

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After a lifetime of learning lessons the hard way, I was desperately seeking a benevolent, joyful path of personal change that would lead me to finding and fulfilling my highest purpose. PSYCH-K® has cast a brilliant light on that path and proven to be the most effective way to rapidly reach its destination.

Over 20 years of military service, followed by teaching in public school and working in the business sector, showed me that I was not the only one striving to be the best parent and spouse I could be. It seems we are all struggling to reduce stress, improve our relationships, and achieve our personal best.

You already know areas in your life causing you frustration and stress. It could be affecting your health, finances, relationships, spiritual path, self-image, or all of them and more. Turning those frustrations into powerful goals describing how you want things to be, then aligning your subconscious mind with those goals, is what PSYCH-K® is designed to do. It provides the most powerful catalyst to activate your true potential and fulfill your own highest purpose.

Whether in person, or globally via the phone or video, sharing PSYCH-K® and the changes it makes in life is my passion. I can't wait to see that same power activating the passion and purpose in your life, too.

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