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Paula Chiarmonte

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Trained in subtle energy therapies and biotechnology systems; I practice biofeedback and neurofeedback, in North Carolina and California. Enhancing clients’ cognitive ability and emotional resilience, I passionately advocate for optimal brain health, believing the brain can change at any age.

A former management consultant and research analyst; originally, I was an art librarian in several universities, following study abroad. Recently certified in Transformational Healthcare Leadership from UCLA, I am a Preferred Facilitator with PSYCH-K® International. Initially, I studied PSYCH-K in 2011; with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams. While residing in California, my practice was established in 2013. My practice philosophy is summarized, as follows.

The subconscious mind controls us 95 percent of the time; while we operate daily from outdated childhood programming. Acting like a protective gatekeeper, it holds us hostage to false beliefs. As adults, these toxic beliefs secretly sabotage our efforts to be authentic and empowered. Keeping us from our true purpose in life; they need to be changed, they can be changed, and here’s how.

My goal for every client is swift, deep, and enduring change in the subconscious mind. Every day, I work with people like you; to reclaim your divine inheritance of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. Collaboratively, we identify hidden subconscious beliefs driving your core issues and challenges. Becoming your advocate and ally; I listen deeply to your truths. Together in partnership; we release contradictory, disempowering, and sabotaging subconscious beliefs through "breakthrough" experiences that previously seemed unattainable.

Initially, you learn how we directly access your subconscious mind with muscle testing. (by interpreting the central nervous system’s electrical signals through movement). Then, you witness how the subconscious mind can communicate with your conscious mind, more easily than usual. Finally, you experience the "whole brain" state, to restore equilibrium between both hemispheres of your brain.

The whole brain state fosters whole brain thinking, enabling you to temper logic (left brain) with intuition (right brain). Rob Williams’ published neurofeedback studies validating effectiveness of the whole brain state. Whole brain thinking expands our available cognitive and emotional options to achieve optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Learn to harness your brain’s innate neuroplasticity (ability to change); reduce stress and trauma; deepen self-compassion and awareness; manage conflict with greater courage; achieve inner peace and foster the evolution of global consciousness.

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