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Paula Chiarmonte

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As a Preferred Facilitator I have practiced PSYCH-K® for over 10 years. Originally, I was trained by Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams in 2011, while living in California. My practice of Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K reflects decades of training and experience in subtle energy therapies, advanced biotechnology systems (biofeedback and neurofeedback) and integrative health care. My core PSYCH-K practice also utilizes Trauma Healing and DNA Activation to foster self-sovereignty.

I enable you to shift subconscious beliefs, release your potential, and change your life by accessing your "whole brain" state". Working every day with people like you to release your unlimited potential for improved health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality; my goal for every client is swift, deep, and enduring change in the subconscious mind. Together we release contradictory, disempowering, and sabotaging subconscious beliefs, keeping you from your true purpose in life, with "breakthrough" experiences that previously seemed unattainable. Learn to harness your brain’s innate neuroplasticity (ability to change); reduce stress and trauma; deepen self-compassion and self-awareness; manage conflict with more courage and flexibility; achieve inner peace and foster the evolution of global consciousness.

As a former artist, academic librarian, management consultant and senior research analyst; I have a master’s degree and am a published bibliographer (National Endowment for the Humanities funding). I am recently certified in Transformational Healthcare Leadership from UCLA and studied Trauma Healing with Thomas Hübl several years ago.

Currently based in Winston-Salem, I have also resided in Wilmington and Durham, where I am affiliated with the Health Touch wellness center. Visit to view videos and call 910.795.9478 to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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