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Cate Ritter is a Wellness Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, & HeartMath® Coach. With over 10 years of experience & extensive trainings across the globe, Cate uses various methods to help you transform your health and create a life you LOVE!

PSYCH-K® uses proven neuroscience processes to communicate with your subconscious to change beliefs that limit your life!

​PSYCH-K® Can Help You…
— Reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your success
— Create the health and life you’ve always wanted
— Access your “superhuman” powers!

Experience PSYCH-K® for as low as $125 a session! Contact Cate to get started.


"Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We left inspired and incredibly grateful. We highly recommend Cate to a team looking for a delicious breakthrough for success."
— Nick Severino, Vice President, APPLE

"I had an extraordinary experience during and after the session. The immediate physical shifts I experienced in my body, and the transformation that unfolded after were miraculous. Within weeks, the issues I was trying to manage on my own using countless methods, had a different flow. Resolutions were activated, allowing stuck energy to be released."
— Eleftherios D. from Xánthi, Greece

​"It is almost unbelievable how much healing took place in just one session with Cate. I felt an immediate shift during the session. She helped me in so many ways.”
— Erik V. from Moelv, Norway

“Cate was fast and efficient. We got so much done and I felt amazing.”
— Antony R. from Johannesburg, South Africa

“Cate is an incredibly amazing human being who gave me great tools that work to bring back a sense of love for myself that I was unable to find on my own.”
— Susan B. from Cairns, Queensland, Australia

“My PSYCH-K sessions with Cate had a major impact on me in my process of healing trauma and general adjusting of patterns and habits. Very quickly after each of our sessions I felt a huge difference in my mood and behavior. Cate is so present and considerate and I feel really seen and held in the vulnerable spaces we opened.”
— Kaya K. from Copenhagen, Denmark

“Cate is one of the strongest people I've ever met. Just being in her presence grounded me and filled me with much needed light during a very dark time.”
— Andrew D. from Calgary, Alberta


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Master Facilitation Workshop

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