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Sophia Vasiliou

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Hi, my name is Sophia and I am based in London, although I frequently travel the world and conduct most of my PSYCH-K sessions online. My passion is helping people to transform their limiting perceptions and I am looking for people who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives. If this is you, then take that step and contact me.
What I love about this practice is that it is so universally applicable, simple, and empowering for the client - all of the answers and changes come from within you, this is simply a key to help you discover them.
I have taken the Basic, Advanced, Pro, Master Facilitator and Divine integration workshops and will be completing the Health and Wellbeing in January 2020.
For more information, or if you are ready to awaken your potential,
send me an email:
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or call me on 0044 7811149652

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Online, Phone, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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