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Andy Yep

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Life for me wasn't always wonderful like it is now. I was handed down subconscious beliefs that severely limited my ability to be who I wanted to be and do what I wanted to in life. In my early 20's I made a friend who was a facilitator and facilitated the PSYCH-K® process for me. O boy! What a difference it made! I spent the rest of my 20's joyfully discovering and deciding who I am and want to be which led me to becoming a PSYCH-K® facilitator in 2015.

I facilitate PSYCH-K® to help people live life however they want to and get to where they want to be. For those seeking direction, I'm a second generation astrologer and I use astrology (the universe's numerical system) to look at patterns that are present in your journey. I will confess that I thought astrology was a bunch of rubbish when I was younger, but due to the influence of my mom (thanks mom!) I learned how much of a valuable tool it is and the one big truth that most astrologers miss: Astrology only influences, everyone has their own free will.

One of my hobbies has been coaching youth rugby and it has lead me to learn a lot about people and a lot about philosophy. Travel and work (formerly construction) have led me to doing the earthquake rebuilds in Christchurch, New Zealand and learning a lot about culture. My other hobbies include hiking, reading, culinary arts, and learning.

Thanks for reading my bio and I hope you get to wherever you want to be in life and I'll always be more than happy to help you get there!

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