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Yukiko Tsukamoto

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Hi! My name is Yukko. Pleased to meet you! I have been body energy alignment worker over 15 years practicing mainly in Tokyo Including my past in Vienna, Amsterdam,Ibiza/Bcn,London over 9 years. my passion to assist people in becoming the best possible version of themselves and to feel outrageous happiness, fulfillment and delight in their lives. I work with anyone compelled to make significant and lasting change. Through the work we work to grow, finding discovery or our joyful living to their highest wisdom. Shine the light on you within and out! I assist clients to achieve a care free mind and achieve a state of peace and serenity. If you are in Japan or overseas, all are welcome! I work with clients all over the world via ZOOM,Skype, Telephone and in person in Tokyo and near Japan. Fluent in Japanese or English. feel honored to be a part of your healing transformation! Looking forward working with
you!はじめまして!サイケーの世界にようこそ!人間の偉大なる可能性をせっかくなのですから 自分らしくこの地球で生きていけるよう、自分の良さを気持ちよく生かしていけるようにお越しくださるそれぞれの方へカスタマイズしたセッションをさせて頂いております。東京で対面、遠隔セッション、ZOOM,LINE,スカイプにて何処でも可能です。セッション可能です。質問などお問い合わせは日本語で対応できます。メールアドレスにご質問ありましたらご連絡ください。ご縁に感謝*ご一緒にワーク出来ること楽しみにしております*

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English, Japanese

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In-person, Online

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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