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Natalia Walker

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Hello! Nice to meet you, my name is Natalia Walker.
I love supporting big-hearted and sensitive souls to reconnect with their inner wisdom and transform negative self-talk and unhelpful habits. My hope is to support you in creating a life or business that feels more kind, inspired and authentic to you.

In my business Inner Creative, whether it’s through online PSYCH-K® facilitation, accountability support, mandala drawing classes or intuitive artwork, my work is underpinned by heart-centred creativity, self-care and the mind-body-spirit connection.

I commonly offer PSYCH-K® sessions for situations where you’d like to:
• Stop self-sabotaging yourself
• Overcome procrastination and putting off tasks
• Strengthen new habits
• Break stop-start patterns and repetitive cycles
• Get better at following through on your promises and new goals
• Introduce better self-care and supportive strategies

I’d love to support you in making the positive and long-lasting changes that you’re looking for.

You’re welcome to learn more about me and how I could support you at and the other links below.











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Online, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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