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Vishali Shahin

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I am a retired Registered Nurse who practiced at the bedside for 30 years. During that time I was introduced to meditation and lived several years in an ashram in India. Spirituality became the foundation of life's experience for me. But it was obvious that though there was a connection to Higher Self, the subconscious programming got in the way of living a fulfilled life. These subconscious programs also interfered with my ability to stay connected to my inner peace.
I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy all with wonderful results in shifting subconscious beliefs, though once I found PSYCH-K® I knew this was the easiest and most effective way to make changes that support our letting go of limitations.

"It is now my joy to help people let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs so they can live a more fulfilled life. The subconscious mind runs our thoughts creating our lives as we presently live them. Watching people realize who they really are, and choosing their Higher Self over the conditioned mind is my passion. Using PSYCH-K® to facilitate other people's upliftment is amazing!"





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Master Facilitation Workshop

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