Vicky Jansen

Vicky Jansen

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After working with young adults in a school on a pastoral level and specialising in revision techniques I really wanted to work further with the subconscious mind because that is where our self-limiting beliefs are stored. I worked with so many people who were being held back in their life with ‘negative programmed’ beliefs and I knew PSYCH-K® would be a fantastic tool to enable me to help people overcome their fears so that they can be happy, confident, and fulfilled.

I came across PSYCH-K® by chance as is so often the way – it found me! I was recently retired and not looking for anything else to do as I have a lovely busy life with family and golf! However, I am surrounded by lovely people who struggle daily with anxiety, stress, lack of self-esteem, and just everyday problems. I heard about PSYCH-K® and how through such a simple process it has the power to change our subconscious negative and limiting beliefs into positive and empowering goal statements that can literally change the way you feel and consequently the way you live.

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PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator
PSYCH-K® Basic Facilitator
NCFE Level 3 Counsellor





United Kingdom



Newcastle upon Tyne



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Online, In-person, Phone

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